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Get the Creativity by Mini Pop


Puzzle is the simple thing that can make your fingers keep active and your brain still works with the tone. Actually, this game is dedicated for kids for exercising their brains and muscles. It is very effective and it absolutely better than games in a gadget. Usually, the puzzle is categorized according to their age in relation to the difficulty level. The sizes and its puzzles amounts are also varies. We can find the small and simple puzzle, but there is also a giant puzzle with different complexities and challenges. The puzzle types are varies as well, which are made of the thick paper or plastick.

The trend has change. The adult become addictive to any kind of puzzle in recent days.

Why is that happened?

My Real Experience

What puzzle did I choose?

Actually, I need to have some refreshment during the weekdays in lunch time. It means that I don’t have much time to do the “finger creativity”. I only need 10 -20 minutes for my break. As it is a short break to take a breath for me, I prefer to do the simple puzzle. Usually, the puzzle stuffs are no more than 10 pieces. It is very entertaining for about less than 5 minutes to finish them all.

What is the brand name?

I found this brand in the toys store in the mall. The Mini Pop brand, which is the brands from Korea. It is a very simple puzzle with a high quality glossy paper. This product is very unique. It is sold in a package of 16 and each puzzle paper contain a single design, which then can be combined become the complex area.

What’s in it?

Pro’s and Con’s

What are the pro’s and con’s of Mini Pop based on my experience? There are a lot but I will summarize them.



What are the shapes?

There are some samples of shape of Mini Pop that I like. Actually, each shape is really small but those are formed with a solid shape. Each sides are able to hold the other sides strongly and they won’t break through the shape.

Bus with the Bus Station

Small Houses

This kind of puzzle will be one of my favorite things to do during my break time. It is easy and simple but it is fun! It can make my brain keep work but still fun. I’ll review my other favorite puzzle in my next posts.

Thanks for reading.