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Goodbye My Ran Out Body Spray

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I love body spray so much. I have tried many local and International brands. I love all of them. The scents would give me the extra energy, especially when I lost my mood. I believe that the body spray and perfume have lots of benefit for body, skin and also the healthy reason.

In this post, I will review my empty body spray bottles. I love these two body spray because the scents were fully represented of me. It means that if some of my friends notice these scents, they would remind this scents were mine.

What are they?

Bath & Body Works – Paris Amour

  • Scent: It has the sweet and fresh fragrant. It represents the morning scent and has the meaning of ready to start a day.
  • Usage: As it has the lively fragrant, it is best to use in a DAY time. I used to apply it after shower in the morning and in every two hours.
  • After use feeling: I feel my body so fresh like I just finish my shower eventhough I spray it through my body after 2 PM. And I don’t need any other perfume again.
  • Body Spray Size: 88 ml
  • Packaging: It is packaged in the plastic bottle with the spray on the top and it is covered by a plastic lid. So, I don’t have to worry the liquid will spill out in my bag. The bottle shape is also cute with a chubby shape.
  • Next Buy: I definitely repurchase this body spray as I love everything about Bath & Body Works.

The Face Shop – Sugar Berry

Scent: The fragrant is very unique. It is very sweet but it also smells like a glue. It has a very strong scent though. That’s why I only spray it through my body with only 2-3 sprays.
Usage: It can be used in a DAY and NIGHT usage as the scent is very strong. I begin to start the application after shower in the morning. Why? I feel the ingredients will absorb into my skin perfectly, especially while my skin damp.
After use feeling: I also feel my body is fresh enough but if I apply too much sprays in my skin, I feel dizzy.
Body Spray Size: 60 ml
Packaging: The packaging is very girly, I love it so much. Because it has the sticker with leaf illustrations, which represents the feminim style. It is also packaged in the tall plastic bottle but it has the medium thickness. So, it has stronger quality than the Bath & Body Works.
Next Buy: I love this body spray, but I prefer to purchase the less strong scent. Because, I have the habbit to spray the body spray every two hours. So, it is better to spray the mild fragrant instead of the strong one.

“The fresh scent will refresh our skin and also will improve your mood, also others surround you”

Thanks for reading.

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