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What is My Review on Ellips Vitamin Hair Mask?

Hi everyone,

I am back with the story of my hair condition and how to do with it. When I was in Melbourne, my hair is very smooth and well-moisturized eventhough I never do any regular treatment for my hair like hair spa, hair mask, creambath and any other hair treatment. The beauty of my hair dissapeared since the first day I arrived in Jakarta. My hair become very dry, messy, volumize and I definitely need extra hair treatments to deal with it. First, I searched about these changes from the website and asked to some of my friends. And I come up with these reasons:

  • Weather: The weather condition in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, is very hot and dry. It can damage my hair if I am not giving them extra treatment. The weather in Melbourne is damp and it can make my hair very soft and easy to organize.
  • Polution: The high level of polution is also another factor that can make the hair condition become worst.

Based on those reasons, the hair treatment would be the best thing to do. I go to the barber once a month to do hair spa, creambath, smoothing or just do a hair trim. However, I find the biggest challenge, which is LAZY. Actually, I am not a type of person who can sit in barber for hours. The maximum time that I can cope is 3 hours. But, I can pass the challenge.

In order to make my life easier, I prefer to do the home treatment for hair and skin care. Why? Because I can do all of them in the same time without waiting for hours to finish. I searched the hair treatment product in Guardian few days ago and I find Ellips Vitamin Hair Mask. I never tried before and I decided to give the first try because it stated that if can soften, nourish and retain my hair’s moisture.

I tried this mask and these are my review:

  • Type of Hair Mask: Ellips Vitamin Hair Mask – Smooth & Silky.
  • Size: 18 ml
  • Ingredients: Pro – Keratin Complex and Aloe Vera Oil.
  • What does it claim? – It can softens and enhances shine of my hair. Hair can feel healthier, smooth, shiny and more beautiful.
  • How to use – After shampoing my hair, I continued to apply the amount of hair mask and I used to put a 1 sachet amout to the wet hair as my hair is very long. After apply it to my whole hair, I started the massage through from roots to ends and leave it for 1-2 minutes. (I used to do the face scrub while waiting). After the hair mask absorbed into the skin and hair, rinse them thoroughly. It is better to apply it once a week. But you can use them as often as needed based on your hair condition and needs.
  • After use feeling – I feel my hair more wet even though I already dry it by towel. It is also dried longer. However, I can feel my hair is very soft and when I make a hair bun, it can follow the shape perfectly. My hair is also less drizzy.

  • The packaging: The packaging is very travel-friendly in the sachet form. The material quality is also very solid, so it will be safe enough to put in the pack travel bag.

Hopefully, my hair is getting some improvement after use this hair mask. So, I will repurchase this product my my weekly hair treatment.

Thanks for reading!


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