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Serial – The Heart of Under Skin Tone

Hi everyone,

This post would be the first “Beauty Serial” that I decided to start on. Why do I decide to have this serial? Because I want to share some information and tips about beauty that I would consider in my life. I also will share my experiences to you, whether those are success or fail. In this serial, I will talk about Under Skin Tone. I consider to this matter too much because it can help me to decide what skincare should I choose based on my Under Skin Tone and also the clothing. And I want all of you have the easy life to make those decisions like I do. As the start, I want to tell about what the Under Skin Tone meaning, how can we determine ours and what is exactly our Under Skin Tone. I will explore another stages in my next posts. I did some researches that I gathered from my friends, another bloggers and another sources from Website. I have summarized all of those in my following descriptions.

What is Under Skin Tone?

Under Skin Tone or we also can say the Undertone is the complexion or the surface color of the skin, which can be determined by the amount of melanin or pigment in the skin. It means that the undertone is not the tone or shade of the skin, such as light, medium or dark shade. The undertone won’t be change even though you have the pale skin shade in the winter or burnt during the summer time. There are three types of undertone, which are Cool, Warm and Neutral. You will have one of them.

How to determine the Under Skin Tone?

In determining the undertone, you have to ensure that the skin is already clean from any skincare and makeup. It would be better if you clean your skin few hours before the undertone determination to avoid the difficulties to see the true undertone because of the skin effect after scrubbing, as the example. The natural lighting will be needed in looking for the undertone.

Doc. wikiHow

It is very easy to determine our undertone. You have to see the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist. After you find your undertone, you have to remind it because this can help you to choose the right makeup, clothes, style, and skincare perfectly. These are the undertone descriptions based on the veins’ color.

  • Cool skin tone: Blue or purple color of veins.
  • Warm skin tone: Green color of veins.
  • Neutral skin tone: The mix colors of veins, whether they are green or blue color.Image result for under skin toneIn addition, there are some other things you may apply in finding your undertone besides examining the veins’ color.
  • Warm or Neutral Undertone: If you find that your skin tan easily and rarely sunburn. And if you have the opposite situation, then you have the Cool Undertone.
  • You can see from the color that truly match on you. If you look good on silver or platinum color, you have Cool Undertone. But if you look perfect in gold color, you will have Warm Undertone. Lastly, Neutral Undertone will look good on both colors.

I, personally, examine my Under Skin Tone by looking at my veins as this way is much easier. I have Cool Undertone, which I will look good on silver or platinum color. In fact, I don’t have those colors. There are many things that I have to consider based on my true undertone, especially in deciding the right color. These are the overall colors that you may consider based on your Under Skin Tone. However, I only can find the colors for Warm and Cool Under Skin Tone. I think for Neutral Under Skin Tone owners, they are able to choose both colors.

Related image

In my next post under this Beauty Serial, I will talk about “How to choose a lipstick based on your Under Skin Tone”. For now, tell me what about your Under Skin Tone!

Thank you so much for reading.


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