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Serial – How to Choose a Lipstick based on your Under Skin Tone?

Hi everyone,

This post will be the continuation of “The Heart of Under Skin Tone”. If you already find out about your Under Skin Tone, you will have less problem in choosing the suitable color that fit you perfectly. As a woman, we definitely need lipstick and love it so much. The colors will be the first factors to be considered before we buy them. It also can make us purchase them more than we need, just because of the color. This situation will please us to spend too much money to buy the not important lipstick because of the lovely colors. How can we deal with this situation? By knowing your undertone, you will know what colors that can fit you perfectly and give you better performance. Then, you can buy the match color instead of your desired colors.

I find some pictures from Pinterest that I can used as the guidance. By looking at the following pictures, there are some colors that are customized based on the Under Skin Tone, which are Cool, Warm, and Neutral. There are more colors that can be seen under the Cool section. I summarize the colors in each undertone.

  • Cool Undertones – The lips can be accentuated with the colors of rose, red, pink and purple.
  • Warm Undertones – The lips can be enhanced by applying the colors of orange-based, red, coral or brown.
  • Neutral Undertones – The lips would be performed perfectly in flirty coral, rich berry, and vibrant red lip color shades.

Doc. Pinterest – Saved by Heather Harrison


My undertone is COOL and I should have the lipstick with rose, red, pink and purple colors. But, in fact my favorite colors are those in WARM section, especially the combination of chocolate and maroon colors as well as the nude color. Because, those colors can give the overall natural look and basically I don’t like the striking colors. If I look in the cosmetic stores, WARM colors always issuing new cute colors and I love them. The below picture is showing some of my lipsticks that I already have and those are my favorite. And the left picture is me with the natural colors. For me, it is good color for daytime usage.

Actually, there are only 2 lipstick colors in the COOL section that already have. I like them but I feel like I am grooming to heavy and I am not confidence if I wear them every day. However, after I examine my look in the picture, my skin is brightened if I wear the bright colors and it is glowing. I used to wear this color during the party time or night time. I can’t use these colors regularly.

After I realize that my undertone is not in WARM section and my look seems brighter with the pinkish base color lipstick, I decided to search another lipstick colors in COOL section. And I have to be more confidence with it!

Hopefully this post help you to match your undertone with the “truth” lipstick colors that can make your performance look great! Tell me about your Under Skin Tone and your favorite lipstick.

Thanks for reading.

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