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The Small Things in the Pouch

Hi all,

During daytime, sometimes we just want to put all stuffs at home into the bag but it will be impossible. The bag will be very heavy and it will not convenient for you to bring more than 6 hours. The challenge thing that select the most important stuffs that should not leave at home in every single day. These are three stuffs that I always bring to work and also during traveling.

Eau de Toilette – Zara

The real package of this perfume is the one in the bottle spray and the other one is in the roll on form. I always bring this 10 ml roll on tiny bottle because the compact shape and it is very easy to bring. The packaging is made from a solid glass with a black lid on the top. The roll on form is very useful to get the perfume out. This packaging is very safe from splitting the perfume out from the bottle.

The scent is also very strong but it has a very unique and girly fragrant. I used to apply this roll on perfume in my wrists and under the ears. This perfume is really recommended to be used while meeting to the client.

Cocoa Butter Formula Palmer’s – Moisturiser

I like this moisturiser so much. I used to apply it throughout my whole body after shower. This moisturiser can soften and smooth my skin and it claims to provide a 24-hour moisturiser. The texture is a bit thick though, and I feel that it will cover my pores if I apply it to the whole body after shower. Then I decided to use it as a hand lotion during activities. It can maintain to moisture my skin regularly.

The bottle itself is very big (250 ml), and I just put in the small container to be carried every day.

Palmolive Hand Sanitiser

This is a must! I am addicted to hand sanitizer because I am lazy to go to the sink just to wash my hand. It is better to put the hand sanitiser on and it clean already. This sweat pea hand sanitiser fragrance can also give the freshness effect to the skin and also sometimes I used this as a perfum. And it works!

Tell me your important stuffs that you never leave it at home.

Thanks for reading.

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