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What do I say about Lip Tint from Maybelline and a Revlon Lipstick?

Hi everyone,

As a woman, lipstick can be one of powerful makeup tools that can make your performance look different and look better. However, the wrong choice of lipstick color can also make the performance get worse. Previously, I bought the lipstick based on the current trends or by looking at what the celebrities wear in the movies or in their social media. After I know my Under Skin Tone, which is COOL, I have to buy the lipstick according to my undertone. Actually, the colors are different with my favorite ones. Those are the lipsticks with rose, red, pink and purple colors. All colors that have a pink color base will match perfectly for me according to my undertone. But, I still wear the WARM undertone color for most of the day, which are orange-based, red, coral and brown colors because I feel that I will have the natural look if I wear the brown-based colors.

In this post, I will share my new lipsticks with colors in COOL and WARM under skin tone. I will also apply in my lips and you can see the results. I bought a lip tint lipstick from Maybelline New York and a liquid lipstick from Revlon. These two lipsticks have different effects on me and I have to give some efforts while applying those lipsticks.


A Liquid Lipstick from Revlon

My First Impression

When I saw this lipstick in the cosmetic store, I really want to put this lipstick on because of it stated in the tube that it is a “Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor” and the color is very natural with a brown-based color. Actually, it didn’t state the name of the lipstick color in the tube but I just can see the colors in the display.


The packaging is very cute, unique and creative. It made from a very thick plastic material and the lid is very tight. Then, the lipstick won’t split out from the tube. The tube itself is in the flat shape and it is very helpful in organizing this lipstick in my makeup pouch or just put in the bag. It provided the tiny brush with a triangle shape. It is a range shape though, but it is very unique and make the application easier.


The lipstick texture is very thick and lumpy. When I applied the liquid to my whole lips, the color is spread unevenly. And also when I tried to put the color in only some parts of the lips and I pursed lips to mix the color, it also won’t blend naturally.

My Tips

Because of the thick and lumpy lipstick texture, it will be better if I combined this lipstick with another matte lipstick color (the stick lipstick will be great!). It will be blended very well and spread evenly in the lips. Then, the natural look will come out perfectly.


Actually, this “Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor” is under the WARM undertone section because it has the brown and orange based color. This is absolutely great color and I love it. But, it didn’t match with my undertone color, which is COOL. Then, the result of applying this WARM color was my outlook show very pale and too natural. It didn’t brightened my skin and it looks that I wear less makeup.


A Lip Tint Lipstick from Maybelline New York

My First Impression

“This color should be my color”, this is what I thought when I see this lip tint in the cosmetic display. The color seems like a maroon color and it will brightened my skin according to my Under Skin Tone. The packaging is also very cute like the nail polish bottle. The color lipstick code also didn’t state in the tube and we only can see the color straight away from the display.


In the square form, the packaging is very cute. However, it will spend the room because it is too square if I put it in the tight pouch. It also made from a very thick plastic with a tight black lid. The thing that I like is the brush. It is a very tiny brush and the shape is a bit in turn line. This shape is very good in forming the lip line like a lip pencil responsible to do.



The texture of this lip tint is also very lumpy and the color is too bright and shiny. It is very different with the color shown in the bottle. The real color is heavily in pink and red base. The transparency level is very high, which means that it is too transparent event though I put lots of lipstick in my lips.

My Tips

This lipstick color is very good for people who have a very thin lips as this color can help you to give a noticeable effect for the lips. This shiny effect will be another factor why it is good to apply in a thin lips. The matte color will be good for people who have a thick lips to minimalism the lips size.


This Lip Tint is really my color based on my Under Skin Tone, which is pink and red- based colors. As my lips is very thick, this shiny color will give the extra size to my lips. The reason will be on the shiny and glowing effect, not the color. Because, it can brightened my skin for a daytime use. I will buy the matte lipstick with this color for the next purchase.

In my opinion, lipstick can give you the perfect performance with less make up if you choose the right lipstick color as well as the texture. Can you please share your experience in lipstick.

Thanks for reading.

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