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My Favorite Blusher and Bronzer

Hi everyone,

I realize that makeup is my life. I can’t live without this. This is not drama, but it is real. My mood can be changed easily every time I experience with makeup and also skincare. In this post, I really want to share with you about my favorite blusher and bronzer that I use to apply in August during daytime. My theme look in August would be natural look but still ellegant. What are those stuffs?

Blusher from Bourjois Paris

Actually, this was my dream to buy this blusher because of the packaging is so small and prestige. But, that’s only my first impression. After I use this blusher, I love the shade too much. The color comes out very obvious but still natural. It also claim that it contains preservative free. I will explain about this product in details.

Blusher Color:

I use the Sienne color (No. 85). When I look the colour straight from the package, it has the natural brown color. It is very soft and natural. But when I apply it in my cheek bone, the color will come out slowly to the pink color. It is still natural and bright. I love the color because it will give the freshness to my facial skin. The blush effect is also long lasting and I only need to blush one time before going to work. I don’t have to do touch up in the middle of the day.


The texture is very soft and powdery. You have to apply it by using a brush gently about 2 to 3 times that depend on how bright the color that you wish to have.

How to Use:

I use to apply this blusher in my cheek bone to give the fresh look on my whole face and also around my eyes area. I don’t mean that I put this blusher under my eyes though. But, by giving the fresh look around the cheek bone, it will bright the surround area.


The packaging is very unique and it made from a solid material. The shape is very small (2.5 g) but it contains a small mirror and a tiny brush inside. The lid also very tight by using a magnet to close the package. I am very satisfy with the it as it is very easy to carry everyday.

Next Purchase?

Definitely YES! I really love the color and the shade!

Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder from Catrice Cosmetics

I keep changing my habbit of using countour or bronzer for a shading purpose during work. Countour definitely has a very strong shade but it shows a less natural effect. Sometimes, I just want to apply a light layer of shade but still have a shading effect. That’s why I choose bronzer for that.


It stated in the package that it contains talc, alumunium starch octenylsucinate, mica, isocetyl stearoyl stearate, octyl stearate, CI 77492, CI 77491, kaolin, methylparaben, propylparaben, PEG-8, tocopherol, ascorbyl, palmitate, ascorbic acid, citric acid. It also contains vitamin A and E. This bronzing powder is suitable for every skin type.

Blusher Color:

I use the medium bronze color (No. 030). The color is a medium brown color. It is also very natural because it gives a natural shade and less rigid effect. It also still gives the shape softly. This bronzer has a long lasting effect, since I only apply it once a day in the morning.

This bronzing powder has very soft texture. I only apply one layer and the color can come out straight away. It also can blend perfectly with foundation and powder and have the natural result as well as a natural looking tan.

How to Use:
I apply this bronzer in my cheeks, jawlines, forhead and two thin lines on the sides of my nose. I used to apply a very strong color and I continue to blend it all with blusher, foundation and powder. The final color won’t have a strong color but a natural shading effect.


This is the standard packaging for a bronzer though with a transparant medium thickness of plastic. But the thing is there is no space for the application brush. It means that I have to provide another brush.

Next Purchase?
YES! But I think, it might be finished for the next 6 months as I only apply it once a day in some parts of the face.


I love give a smooth shade in my face to give the character in natural way. But not all color can give the natural shade like my expectation.

Thanks for reading.

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