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Serial – Under Skin Tone and Surface Color for Your Makeup

By knowing the skin tone, for me, it is very important. Because, it helps me out in choosing the right color for the foundation, lipstick, blush on, hair color, powder and even the clothing color. However, sometimes the right color is very different with the color that we are get into. As the example, I really like the nude and brown-based color for my makeup because it is very natural color and I like to use those colors during daytime. In fact, those color are in the WARM section, which are different with my section, COOL.

However, there is not only depending on the Under Skin Tone for choosing those colors but also Surface Color of the skin. I get confused at first as the surface colors might changing based on the weather, while the Under Skin Tone remains the same in all kind of weather. I find the beauty articles of Ann Marie and I would like to talk about the points that have been mentioned in those articles and also my opinion based on my experiences.

Finding the surface color of the skin and the Under Skin Tone might be easier, you can just check from your veins to find your undertone or just look at the mirror to get your skin surface color. But, how can we assure that both colors can do a well collaboration and how can we decide which step that we recommend to do. As the start, we will explore the differences between the Under Skin Tone and the Surface Color. These explanations can give the obvious direction in finding your undertone and the surface color.

What is the Surface Color?

It is the surface color of your skin that you can see directly through mirror or by itself. However, the surface color might change periodically as the weather changing, which then you have to recheck your skin surface color often if you live in the countries that have 4 seasons. It means that the skincare should be applied constantly. Or the color changing can also be covered or smooth out with makeup. As the start, to find the surface color, you can look at your jawline. This area usually less affected by skin color changes rather than other parts of the face.

What are those surface colors?

These are the surface colors of the skin as well as the connected undertone and also some of the tips to deal with each color.

  • FAIR – This type of skin contains a cool, milky and blue-ish/red undertones and near to the sunburn stage. (Tips: Gentle moisturizers and sunscreens with a high SPF will be great to be used as this type of skin is easy to get burnt).
  • LIGHT – A light undertone has a pale color and usually it has more yellow or beige undertone than fair skin. (Tips: This type of skin tone match perfectly with COOL color makeup)
  • MEDIUM / NEUTRAL – This type of color contains equal amounts of pink and yellow undertone. It leaves the skin into the very neutral toned skin.
  • OLIVE – It has a yellow, green and light brown undertones. This kind of color is easy to tan, without burning. However, it is often oily and tent to enlarge pores and breakouts. (Tips: It is better to use foaming cleansers and oil-free moisturizers. And for the makeup, the neutral-colored makeup products).
  • DARK – It is a dark skin color or have a deep complexion range from copper and espresso tones to dark brown and ebony.

How to Use The Surface Color in Choosing the Right Lip Color

After examining and choosing the surface color of your skin, you are now can chose easily the matched color for your lip color. I find the clear guidance of the skin tone color and the recommended lip color for nude, sweet and dramatic type of lipstick. And I find this guidance is really helpful for me. My skin tone is a bit confusing as I think I have the MEDIUM or TAN skin based on the weather though. But as I have the Under Skin Tone in COOL section, both surface colors will do for me.

Skin Tone Lipstick.jpg

Doc. Jemma Millar Pinterest

What is the Under Skin Tone?

This is the color that can be found underneath the skin. I usually find this by looking at my veins. While the surface color may change periodically, the Under Skin Tone color remain the same whatever the weather would be. I write about how to find the Under Skin Tone in my previous post and you can read from this LINK.

Below image will be one of the useful image that I always see as my guidance to choose the makeup color based on my Under Skin Tone. And I usually combine or match those colors with my Surface Skin Color. And it really helps me out.

Hopefully, this post can help you in defining your Surface Color of the skin and also the Under Skin Tone to choose the perfect color for your makeup. I will talk about “How to Choose a Foundation Based on Under Skin Tone and Surface Color” in my beauty serial.

Thanks for reading.



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