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Serial – Match Your Foundation with the Under Skin Tone

Foundation or BB cream might be one of the needed cosmetic base for daily use. It helps me out to cover blemishes and skin complexion as well as to make the skin look smooth perfectly. However, the foundation shade can make the skin look unnatural or you can also look like a mannequin. It is because the shade might be too light or too dark. Sometimes, we just choose the foundation color based on the color that showed from the glass bottle. Sometimes, the colors come out differently when you apply it on your skin.

Choosing the right foundation shade to get the proper look will be one of the challenge.

Knowing your Under Skin Tone will be the most accurate factor because the color won’t change whatever the weather is. Sometimes, we choose the makeup color only by looking at the surface color as it might be easier to detect. But, the surface color can change because of many reasons, such as the weather, acnes, allergy and other factors. Therefore, sometimes we confused about the foundation color that we used to apply might be too light or too dark if we choose the color based on the surface color of the skin.

So, it will be accurate if you use your Under Skin Tone as a base color in choosing the foundation shade. I posted the article about defining your undertone in this LINK.

Before starting choosing the right color for the foundation, I used to see my skin type in the first stage. This is useful to determine the type of foundation that will be suitable for my skin. As the example, I used the solid foundation as it covered my blemishes perfectly and it seems that I was ready for a photo shoot without any camera effect needed. Unfortunately, it could close the pores and stimulated acnes. Then, I change to the liquid foundation. It could cover my blemishes and complexion naturally and it is not heavy for my sensitive skin. Eventhough, the coverage level is lower than the solid one, but it gives the natural result.

I took the picture from Pulse Daily to give the illustration of the skin types. Based on the article from wikiHow, these are the guidances to choose the right foundation based on the skin types:

  • Oily Skin: A foundation with a matte finish or oil free liquid foundation.
  • Dry Skin: Choose a moisturizing or hydrating cream or a stick foundation.
  • Sensitive Skin: A foundation with a hypoallergenic and scent free ingredients.
  • Combination Skin: A powder foundation.

Besides of those skin types, the skin complexion will also be another factors to choose the type of foundation for the perfect coverage result. If you have an uneven complexion and need to be covered perfectly, the foundation with medium to full coverage will be great. However, if there is only a bit complexion in your skin or already have a fairly even complexion, a partial or sheer coverage foundation will do the work well to give more natural look. For any of those foundations, an SPF should be contained to protect the skin during the application. I usually used the sheer coverage foundation because I only have a bit complexion that need to be covered and also this kind of foundation won’t give the heavy feeling to my skin. The high coverage foundation would be used only for night time purpose if I have to attend the wedding or party. Because it will only takeno more 4 hours before my skin got irritated.

And how about the perfect foundation for your Under Skin Tone?

This is the most interesting part for me. Why? Because, sometimes the color that supposed to be matched with my undertone will be different with the color that I usually used. These are the foundation colors that are recommended for each Under Skin Tone.

  • COOL Under Skin Tone: A foundation with colors of red, rose and blue base will work perfectly. And the shades of cocoa, rose, sable and porcelain will be applied in correct way.
  • WARM Under Skin Tone: The recommended foundation colors are gold and yellow base with the shades of caramel, golden, tan, chestnut and beige.
  • NEUTRAL Under Skin Tone: The most recommended shades for this undertone are buff, nude, ivory and praline.


I have the COOL Under Skin Tone and I used to have the pink or blue base color for the foundation with basically rose shading. However, I used to use the foundation with yellow base color and a beige shade, which are dedicated for WARM Under Skin Tone. This liquid foundation is designed for normal to oily skin and it works very well in my skin. It means that I have to change the color to the pink base after I finish this foundation.

Hopefully, this information really helpful for you. I’ll see you on my next beauty serial.

Thanks for reading.

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