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Serial – Under Skin Tone vs Blusher Colors


I’m back with the beauty serial of Under Skin Tone. In this post, I’d like to talk about choosing the right color of blusher based on Under Skin Tone guidance. Sometimes, we just choose the color based on our color interests or the place to apply the blusher in the face, such as in the eye area for highlighting, in the cheekbones to make your face look fresh and other places that you love to put it in. However, the color would not be matched with the skin color, especially if related with the Under Skin Tone and the result will be too tacky or not visible. So, there will be some tips and tricks in choosing blushes to get the better result based on your ecpectation.

At the beginning, I’d like to talk about the function of the blusher itself before we choosing the color. I, personally, depend on blusher in my daily makeup. Why?

  • To get a fresh look – Sometimes, I feel that my skin tone is too flat eventhough I put the shades, foundation and powder. I need my face look becomes lively and fresh. So, I usually apply 1 layer of pink or light blusher color in my cheekbones just above the shading. It will make my face look fresh and cheerful.
  • To Hide the Fatigue Look – The right blusher color can also hide the fatigue look because of less sleeping time or too tired of working. The color can distract people’s eyes to look at the shining colors instead.
  • To be Used as the Shading – The brown base blusher color can also be used as a shading to avoid the fake look by using a heavy contour. I used to do that if I want to have a natural look and it’ll be great to apply in daytime. It can be applied in the contour areas, which are in the jawlines, your nose sides and in the forehead. And just blend it with powder brush to finish the process.

There are also some tricks to avoid the fake look or even the “not mixed” colors.

  • If you put the blusher color in your cheekbones, avoid to put the color in thick areas. The color will block the rest color of your face. You better put the color in only a single layer and blend it with the powder smoothly.
  • Avoid to put the light blusher color as a shading. It will enlightening the area instead and it will make your face look bigger and less sharp.

How to choose the right blush?

In choosing the blush color will have some challenges. The basic thing is knowing your Under Skin Tone before chosing the blush and surprisingly, the best way of choosing the blush is get the color that is opposite from Under Skin Tone. Because, the different shade between the undertone and the blush will obvious more and also it can make the addition to depth, dimension and balance the look. But still, you have to choose the suitable color to avoid the look failure.


Here are some guidances that I’d like to follow to choose the blush:

  • COOL Under Skin Tone: A warm peach or soft orange blush will be the right choice. Don’t use a pink or purple color because it can appear too bright for COOL undertone. — Based on my experience of having COOL undertone, sometimes I used the pink color because I thought that it might brightened my skin for a day. Yes, actually it was too bright for me and it shown less blended with the rest of my makeup. However, if I applied the orange base color, the blush will appear signifantly.
  • WARM Under Skin Tone: For this undertone, the orange or peach colors will be too match with the tone and it appear unnoticable. The cool pink or mauve-y purple blush can make the skin more lively.
  • NEUTRAL Under Skin Tone: You who have this undertone will be the lucky one! You are able to wear both COOL and WARM shades.

I am very happy to know about your experiences in choosing the perfect color for blush. Or any topics that you want me to review?

I’ll see you on my next Beauty Serial. Thanks for reading.

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