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The Foods & Drinks that Can’t be Missed while in Australia

During traveling, there will be some memorable factors that can’t be missed or even forgotten. Based on my experiences, the wonderful scenery, antique or unique buildings, clean environment and culinary are the things that won’t be missed for visiting. Even though, there must be some differences for each destination. In this post, I’d like to share the foods and drinks that can’t be missed during traveling to Australia.

Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are my favorite cities in Australia. The most love able city for me is Melbourne. I try to put my feet in Melbourne once a year just to get the fresh breeze and the wonderful feeling. A short break will work perfectly in that city. The other things that I love being in Australia are coffees, snacks and cafes. I know it is just a coffee but the taste is very “coffee” and I am very addicted with a hot cappuccino or a cup of flat white in Melbourne cafes or in the coffee shops surround. There will be some foods and beverages that I always bought while I travel to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. The preferences might be in the unique or better taste, interesting packaging, and the cozy environment.

What are the stuffs that can’t left behind when you travel in Australia?

A Variety of Tea Sachet

I know this is just a tea but the taste is very different. The taste is very natural and I am able to feel the taste of tea leaves naturally. The thing that is different with my country (Indonesia) is the English Breakfast tea serve. In Australia, they serve this kind of tea with a liquid milk, which will make the taste very light and well-blended with the coffee. On the other hand, in Indonesia, they serve all kind of teas without milk. It is just a black tea. However, in Australia, I prefer to have a hot tea at home instead of in the coffee shop. Why? Because I choose a hot cappuccino while in the coffee shop instead.

A Liquid Milk

This one is my favorite as well. I love the Australian milk so much. The taste won’t be too milky even though I drink it by itself. I used to mix it with a coffee or just drink the milk by itself. The small cubes are usually provided in the hotel fridge, so you can put it in the tea or in the coffee. It can be said that it will be easy to get the healthy drink without the milky taste.

A Hot Coffee

A hot coffee would be actually the best one. I love the taste of coffee especially in Melbourne. I can’t describe the taste in detail but it tastes differently with the taste of coffee in Perth or Sydney. However, in these cities, they offer the same types of coffees, which are cappuccino, flat white, latte and expresso. In some coffee shop, they serve coffees with additional flavors, such as vanilla, caramel, mocha, irish extract, hazelnut, and green tea. Even though they put the flavors in it but we still can taste the coffee. For the hot cappuccino and a latte, the milk taste is very smooth and overall coffee performance is solid. I can also choose whether I want to put extra coffee shot in one serve or even a half shot or I just want to drink the decaf coffee. And the taste is still very good.

A Pack of Jelly

Maybe for some people this jelly won’t be too special. But, I love them so much! In some stores, they sell them in a package, which we can choose variety of jelly and put in the glass or even in the bucket. I usually put the marshmallow, snake jelly and a bear jelly in the medium cup. But, I also can buy them in the single package. It means that 1 type of jelly in a package. The type will be differentiated based on the sugar content, jelly shape and the content size. I love the taste of the jelly as well. It has a original sweet taste. The jelly package will be great to buy as a gift. Because most of people love jelly and chocolate!!!

Cute Cake with a Cute Shape

I believe that we can find many delicious cakes in other cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Korea and other destinations, which have lots of tourist attraction. One of the factors that I like while I was in Australia is I was able to eat cakes in the comfort places without any crowds. In some cafes, they put most of their cakes in the display rack, which make us easier to choose the cake. The seats are also very cozy as we can enjoy our seats while having snacks. I also can find lots of creamy cakes! I really love them and it made hard for me to choose which cakes that I like the most. In Melbourne, some of the cafes offers the cake and drinks as a package. So, I could buy them for my my lunch.

A Cafe

Another this that I like in Australia is CAFE!!!!!!! I love it so much. Usually, the cafe is not elegant, but just a simple cafe instead. The environment is very comfort and you can seat there for many hours that you want. Usually, Australian go to cafe after office hours to meet with their colleagues or friends. And they prefer to go to bar to spend the night watching a life music or just enjoy the music.


The chocolate shop is also the favorite shop for most tourists while visiting Australia. In Sydney, there is HAIGH’S chocolate shop that is allocated in the 1st floor of QVB building. It is near the statute. This small shop is my favorite, because I can find variety of chocolate from the dark chocolate, white chocolate and other types of chocolate. They put them in a small to a large package. I also can buy them individually instead. In order to help us choosing the right chocolate, sometimes they offer the sample for us to try. And you can take more than 3 samples! The chocolate taste is very natural and the form is very solid. The tips to visit this shop, you better choose the right time to avoid the crowds, such as in the morning or at 3 – 4 PM. Because, a lot of tourists love to come to this shop to buy for their gifts.

Healthy Food

This was actually my experience while getting lost in the sport center in Sydney. We asked to the front counter to go to the canteen to have some foods for breakfast. And they allowed us to come in. There is the small canteen that sell lots of healthy foods and they served in a small to medium size. I bought the small size of yoghurt that combined with muesli on the top. Believe it or not, I was so full just eating that and of course with a hot of cappuccino.

A Food for Breakfast 


It is always very easy to find a breakfast in Australia. There are lots of cafes or bakery that sell a cake that suitable for breakfast. There are so many choices and I also can sit there for finishing the breakfast or just take it away. They usually put in the paper bag and it is very easy to eat while walking.

Those are my things that won’t be forgotten to get while I travel to Australia. Do you have another story to be shared?

Thanks for reading.


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