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My Favorite Rice Water Bright from The Face Shop

Have you ever seen the glowing skin that suddenly appear in a minute after applying any skincare products? Or are you currently having a glowing skin because of doing a skincare routine?

Those two questions relate with my post about my favorite Korean skincare products. As you know, that Korean skincare is really popular at the moment, not only in Indonesia but also around the world. In my opinion, they are doing numbers of great promotion program by engaging Korean celebrities and Ministry of Korean Tourism , embedded in most of Korean dramas, and sometimes they have special programs that talk about the beauty trend in Korea, which are shown in Korean TV channels. Therefore, the communication messages can be delivered to us from various channels smoothly. Actually, it is not only because of seeing the skincare products from the drama, as the example, I used to have some experiments to use Korean skincare products and I really satisfy with the results.

Before talking deeply about my favorite Rice Water Bright products from The Face Shop, I want to talk about the differences of skin effects after applying the Korean skincare and the Western product. It is so different!

Western Skincare VS Korean Skincare

I am using numbers of Western skincare to complete my daily routine to get a healthy skin. My trusted Western skincare brands are Neutrogena, Palmer’s, Maybelline, The Body Shop and Bourjois. I like those brands, but there will be some differences that I get after the application if comparing with the Korean products.

  • The glowing effect will come out easily after applying the Korean skincare and the matte effect will be the best result of the Western skincare.
  • The Korean skincare contains the light texture and it will make the skin absorbs the less heavy ingredients. However, the Western skincare is very good for maintain the skin during winter as it gives well coverage with medium to high ingredients.
  • There will be a different feeling too. The skin will feel tired or too heavy in the afternoon, if I use the Western skincare since morning. But, I still feel very fresh with the Korean brand because it is hydrating my skin whole day.

In my opinion, both Western and Korean brand are great for me. The effects depend on in what weather should we use the Korean or Western skincare.

Now, Let’s talk about my favorite Rice Water Bright Skincare products from The Face Shop. It is the Korean skincare and love them so much!!!!

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

This cleansing cream is used for the daily base. I always use this in the morning before cleansing my face with an oil cleanser and the water base one and also in the afternoon to remove my makeup.

  • Ingredients: This cream gives ultra-moisturizing and enriched with rice water.
  • Skin type: This cleansing cream is ideal for dry to very dry skin. However, my skin is normal to oily skin and this cream gives the best result for my skin as well without any irritations.
  • Size: 200 ml
  • Product Duration: This cleansing cream will be lasted around 6 months for one bottle.
  • Texture: The cream texture is a light creamy and it absorbs quickly into the skin. The smell also very soft, and it wont’t disturb me while applying this cream.
  • Packaging: The packaging is made from the solid plastic with two covers, which are the thin white lid as the cover inside and the solid black lid as the main cover to avoid any cream split out from the packaging. Actually, this packaging can be used for any purpose after finishing the cream because it has a long lasting quality.

  • How to Use: Apply small to medium amount of cleansing cream in the forehead, nose, cheeks, jaws and neck. Blend it smoothly by using your finger. To give the better result, I used to massage my skin while cleansing. Do that for about a minute, the wipes it out by using the facial cotton.
  • Effect: The effect to my skin after cleansing is very moisturized and it is very chewy. On top of that, my skin is very glowing. This effect will be long lasting.
  • Application Schedule: Morning and night
  • Next Purchase: Definitely Yes! And this my more than 2 bottles though.

Rice Water Bright Massage Cream

This massage cream in Rice Water Bright series is my first bottle and I like it because it has the same result as the cleansing cream. I use this product twice a week after applying scrub, peeling cream or exfoliating scrub to get the better result.

  • Ingredients: The detail information about the ingredient is not available in the bottle note. I tried to search from the internet and it stated that Rice Water Massage Cream uses Yeoju rice and doesn’t use chemical fertilizer for more than 3 years. It also contains Vitamin B and minerals.
  • Result that has been Claimed: It can improve fine lines.
  • Size: 200 ml
  • Product Duration: I think that this cleansing cream will be lasted more than 6 months for one bottle as the application is not on daily base.
  • Texture: The texture is quite thick but it is very smooth. It can be blended easily while massaging and it can be absorbed into the skin along the massage process. Its smell stronger than the cleansing cream but it is very natural smell.
  • Packaging: The same as the cleansing cream, the packaging is also made from the solid plastic but with sharper shape. It also has two covers that are the white lit as the first cover and the black cover for the final cover. It is a very safe packaging in avoiding the cream will split out.

  • How to Use: Apply medium amount in the palm and put it in the specific parts of the facial skin. Blended all together and massage the whole face and neck for about 15 minutes. After massaging, tap the skin to lock the ingredients into the skin and leaven it for another 15 minutes before cleansing.
  • Effect: I like my skin after massaging as it is really moisturized and dewy. It gives the glowing finish too but lower than the cleansimg cream.
  • Application Schedule: Twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Next Purchase: Yes

I really love the products that contain the rice water as a main ingredient because it can gives lots of moisturizer into my skin andleave the glowing finish. Tell me about your experiences.

Thanks for reading.


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