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Double Cleansing with PALMER’S and PONDS

What will you say if you hear the words of “Double Cleansing? “. It is actually the common cleansing method that we use to hear on current days. This method is workable effectively to clean the surface skin from any makeup that you use in daily base by using oil, balm, micellar water and a water-based cleanser. However, it also very useful to be applied even-though you are not using any makeup because this method will ensure that your face is clean enough to accept the next skin treatment. And it only takes about 2 minutes and your face will clean enough.

There are two purposes to do the double cleansing method.

  • It is very effective to remove any dirts, makeup, and also excess oil that stick in the surface skin.
  • It is continued to clean the makeup-free skin. This second purpose will ensure that the facial skin is already 100% clean.

What are the steps of Double Cleansing?

Step 1 – The Oil-Based Cleansing

The first step is purposing to remove any makeup that you wear everyday. But it depends on how heavy you put the makeup on. If you just use a normal makeup, you can choose the oil-based cleanser that can be formed as an oil cleanser or a balm. I used to apply this type of cleanser in my dry skin face starting from my cheeks, nose, chin and forhead. Then, I continue to blend them all by massaging for about a minute. The massaging method will help us to remove any makeup and dirts throughly. After a minute of massaging, I splash the small amount of water to my facial skin, continue massaging and finish it by cleansing them. I choose Palmer’s Facial Cleansing Oil for the oil-based cleanser. It contains pure cleansing oils cocoa butter and vitamin C. It helps me out to clean my face from any dirts and give the healthier and brighter skin after usage. However, as my skin is very sensitive, the acne will be appeared if I only used this cleansing oil in the single cleansing. I think this is because the oil ingredient will trigger the acne to appear aggressively. And it will have the best result if it combined with the cleansing foam.

Actually, I do more than double cleansing for my day and night cleansing. It is only my cleansing habbit though. On my first step, I use to start by cleansing my eye and lips makeup. I won’t combined the face cleanser with the eye and lips cleanser. Because the eye skin will be more sensitive than the other skin. So, I use the cleanser that specialized for eye and lips, which is Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Makeup Remover from The Face Shop. I am really in love with th Rice Water Bright range because the ingredients are very smooth and it can leave skin soft after cleansing. The formula is also moisturized and has the milky texture. After shaking the bottle, I use to put the small amount of cleanser in the facial cotton and press gently on my eyes and lips and continue to wipe them by lukewarm water.

After removing my eyes and lips makeup, I clean my face by using the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream from The Face Shop as well. I already reviewed this cleansing cream that can be viewed in here. By applying the cleansing cream before starting the double cleansing method, I ensure myself that my skin will be more than 100% clean and be ready for my next treatment.

Step 2 – The Water-Based Cleansing

This second step of cleansing is to make sure that the face is already cleaned from any makeup, dirts and excess oil. In this phase, we just need the cleanser that contain the water formula, such as a foam cleanser. I used to use POND’S Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam. It is formulated with activated carbon, which can remove dirts from the surface of the skin on to the skin pores. It can also make my skin brighter after usage. I use to apply this every day and night by putting the foam in my palm, scrub them with water and applying to my face. I still keep doing the massaging while applying because I feel my skin feel more fresh if I do that.

Tips to do Double Cleansing

Don’t be over-washing your skin!

If you do over-washing your skin, the skin wi me more sensitive and becomes dry. To avoid that effect, I used to do the double cleansing every night to remove my daily makeup and dirts from polution, including the cleansing with lip and eye makeup remover and cleanser cream. For the morning cleansing, I just use the cleansing cream and the facial wash as I won’t use any makeup while sleeping.

For me, the double cleansing is essential to do everyday, especially to clean the face from any makeup, bacterias and dirts. And the clean face will absorb the skin treatment effectively.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice reading you Nikens. I do the double cleansing too with different products though. I’m curious about the POND’S Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam. I will look for it and might give it a try. Have a great week. -Dominique


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