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Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant

Where can we find the comfort place with a great view to spend the weekend?

Do you ever feel bored sitting in the restaurant or cafe at the mall during weekend? I do. Sometimes, I feel bored and need another places to go on Saturday with less crowd. I like to spend my time in a cozy restaurant or a cafe with big sofa and also a wide space between seats. It might give some privacy and I really need that kind of feeling, especially when I do the work tasks and also blogging. The comfort feeling in the cozy places does not only apply on weekends but also during the weekdays. As you know that many business people prefer to have the meeting with their clients or colleagues during lunch time. And many of them also more comfort to finish their works in the cafe to have better feeling and sometimes the ideas come faster in the places other than the working desks.

Last Saturday, my friend and I explored some cute cafes in Menteng area, Jakarta. Why did we choose Menteng? Because there are a lot of cute European and American style of cafes that offer variety of typical foods and drinks. Then, we tried to find the cafe or restaurant that have the unique things to offer, such as foods and beverages, environment and the cafe position

Finally, we find the cozy Spanish Restaurant called Por Qué No in HOS Cokroaminoto street, Menteng. The exact location would be in the roof top of De RITZ building or on the 5th floor. The size of Por Qué No is medium with two areas within, which are indoor and outdoor. In the indoor area, there are many sets of 4 wood seaters and a dinning table that organized very neat. The space between table are in the right size to avoid the density.

We choose to sit at the outdoor area because the atmosphere is more relaxed and not too formal. The area is fulfilled by convenience sofa, wood benches and a bar stall. Like in the indoor area, the outdoor area is also comfortable enough as the space is also wide that can create the less crowded feeling. The surround is fulfilled with mural wall with cute graphics and also some trees that make us feel calm while seating. The funny thing that I found that there are 2 seats like in the beach looking above up to the sky. They create the environment as creative as possible.

The other factor that make us feel comfortable of seating outdoor was we are able to enjoy the city view from one side of the restaurant. There are some tall benches that facing the houses and building around Por Qué No restaurant. It is really beautiful and relaxing. However, there would be the obstacle that is the hot air, especially when the sun is hot around 12 pm. This side is comfort enough during afternoon around 4 – 5 PM until night.

We arrived around 4 pm and there were not too many people spent their time in this restaurant. I think there was about 20 people sat indoor and outdoor. As the time goes by, there were many people arriving in the restaurant and most of them sat outdoor. Even-though there were lots of people surround us, we didn’t fee too crowded because the space suitable enough to accommodate numbers of visitors. Around 7 pm, someone booked indoor area for private event with cute decoration.

Let’s start talk about food! The foods that are served in here are in bite sizes. The first thing that caught my eye was the menu. It is just a simple menu with a thin paper material and also crumpled. But the information inside was very informative with some unique illustrations. The menus were separated into 3 categories, which are foods, wine list and drinks.

There were some foods and beverages that we bought.

Ice Cappuccino

A Serve of Meat Ball

A Slice of Carrot Cake

A Grilled Mushroom

A Mushroom with Mozzarella Cheese

A Portion of Chicken Wings and A Bunch of Fried Dory Fish

In my opinion, this restaurant can be called as a medium size of cafe as well because they provide the foods and beverages in a small size, which is just for snacking. And I will come back to this place again to spend my time to do blogging. You can get more information in their website that can be clicked through this LINK. Thanks for reading!

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