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The 7 Skin Method. Yes or No?

The 7 Skin Method is currently popular in the beauty world, which is originated from Korea. This trick is really help you to get the glowing skin by only applying one single product on the face during the phase of skincare treatment. What is exactly the 7 Skin Method? The meaning of skin in Korea is toner. So, the 7 Skin Method is a toner-layering method by patting the toner 7 times after cleansing. It allows the skin to absorb one thin layer of the toner and at the end of the application, more ingredients will be absorbed. I tried to apply this method several times and I feel that my skin healthier and looks so radiant. However, there will be a different function between Asian and Western toner. For the Western brand, the toner is usually used for final cleansing as ensuring that your face is already cleaned after cleansing and ready to start next treatments. And for the Asian brand, the toner is used as the skincare preparation for the next treatment to make the skin hydrated before moving forward to the next step.

As the first step, we have to understand what are our skin types before choosing the toner to be used. This first stage is very crucial to make sure that the daily toner is already suitable for our skin and also to avoid the skin irritation.

  • Oily Skin: The right toner for oily skin is the refreshing toner without containing moisturizers within.
  • Normal & Dry Skin: For both skin types, the toner that has a milky texture and hydrating formula will leave skin soft and smooth.
  • Normal, Oily & Combination Skin: The toner with lightweight formulas would be the best toner for these skin types because it can improve skin tone, texture and also be able to reduce oil in the facial skin.
  • Sensitive Skin: You have to choose carefully the special toner that has the formula to soothe redness and also be able to calm aggravated skin.

Benefits of using toner

I, personally, love using toner to make my skin extra clean, hydrated, feel fresh and brighter. I feel akward if I forgot to apply toner before putting the essense. Actually, there are numbers of benefits of using toner everyday.

  • It can balance the pH levels.
  • It can provide extra hydration for the skin, which can prevent wrinkles and dullness.
  • It helps to exfoliate the skin.
  • It also able to shrink skin pores and also tightens skin.
  • It can calm and soothes facial skin.

There are a lot of benefits listed that make toner as the important skincare to be applied everyday before starting to do makeup.

How do I do the 7 Skin Method?


There are many versions of 7 Skin Method, which are patting 7 different toners OR patting the same toner on to the skin. I usually choose the same toner as it is more simple and easy to be applied. And also, IT’LL BE LESS COST!

As the toner will be patting 7 times on to the skin and it means that it will be absorbed more than 1 time like the regular toner application, it will be better if we select the hydrating toner with light formula and a non-sticky ingredient instead of the exfoliating toner.

My steps of 7 Skin Method:

  • I usually do the double cleansing to clean my face from makeup and remove the dirt in my skin as my first step before applying the toner.
  • After I get my skin clean, I apply the first layer of toner in the cotton pad and pat it in my forehead, cheeks and chin. Then, I continue by patting the facial skin to make sure that the toner wi be well absorb into my skin. Just wait for about 2 minutes until dry.
  • I continue patting the toner for the second layer until the 7th with the same way of application.
  • On the 7th layer, I usually lock the toner into my skin by press the whole face gently.

My Toner Experience

Wardah Hydrating Toner

I used to use this toner for my everyday use and I already review this product in this LINK. I was experienced in using this toner for a single application not for the 7 Skin Method. But, when I tried to do the 7 Skin Method, I felt sore on my skin on the 3rd pat. I think the formula is too heavy to be applied for this method.

Next Usage: I still use this hydrating toner for a single application on my daily usage. I won’t apply the 7 Skin Method to avoid the damage to the skin.

Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Toner from The Face Shop

I love this toner very much. I feel this is the best toner for applying the 7 Skin Method because I didn’t feel stinging on my skin after the application. I just feel my face so refresh, healthy and definitely GLOWING!

What are the information that this product is being proud of?

  • This toner contains Jeju Volcanic Ash that can help to keep skin smooth and matte.
  • It is formulated with sebum-absorbing toner to absorb excess sebum and reduce the unwanted shine in your skin.
  • It is formulated with City Defender Complex to help fight the effects of the fine dust.
  • The texture is very watery and transparant. For me, this toner is perfect for the 7 Skin Method.
  • Next Usage: Definitely, YES!

The 7 Skin Method, Yes or No for the daily usage?

There are lots of beauty tips, saying that the 7 Skin method will give you the radiant skin and also a glowing skin with only ine single step. Actually, it is!!! With the concept of adding or pushing moisture until it is dry and the skin is dehydrated, it will help you to glow your skin with this simple way by tapping 7 times of toner into your face. However, this 7 Skin Method will present the benefit effectively if you are happened in the country that has summer and winter seasons or has low humidity.

On the other hand, this 7 Skin Method is too much for the tropical weather because it has a high humidity and it make the skin won’t dehydrate so quickly. And it has potential to break the skin if you are not careful.

The other thought that the skin won’t absorb too much product. After doing the 7 Skin Method, it will minimize the benefit of other active skincare to be absorbed into the skin because there won’t be a room left for active skincare. As the example, if you use essense or serum after applying this method, both serum and essense won’t helping much because the skin already absorbs too much product in advance.

What do I do?

I know that the 7 Skin Method the simple way to get the glowing skin. However, as I live in Jakarta, Indonesia at the moment, which is tropical, I prefer to implement the single toner for my daily use. It will be workable for my skin. And I still want my other active skincare are well-absorbed into my skin. I will do the 7 Skin Method again on my Australia’s trip.

Do you have any experience of the 7 Skin Method?

Thanks for reading.

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