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Serial: Under Skin Tone in Clothing

It is a bit challenging while choosing the right colors for clothes. Because every people have the color selection based on their favorites. I love pink color for most of the items that I have, such as on clothes, makeup, bags, stationaries and other items. I will try hard to get that color. My second favorite color would be black. It is kind of the contrast color but sometimes I want to put the girly color on mine and the strong color in another time. But, do they match with my skin under tone? Because most of the time, the favorite color would be different with the colors that should be applied. If you still don’t know what is your skin under tone, you might check in this LINK. The Skin Under Tone itself is the complexion or surface color that can’t be change because of other factors, such as the weather, acnes and other things. This color remains the same with any reasons. It is not the same as the skin shade color, which might be change because of heat, acnes, weather, etc. Therefore, it will be accurate if we chose the colors for your makeup, hair color and clothes color based on your Skin Under Tone instead of the skin shade color or you might need both.

I did some research that saying most of fair-skinned women have warm undertones and dark-skinned women have cool tones. That is correct for my case. After examining my veins, I have the blue color in it and it means that my Under Skin Tone is COOL. And believe it or not, my favorite colors (Pink and Black colors) are in the recommended color section for COOL tone.

Doc. wikiHow

In this post, I will explore more about choosing the right color for your clothing based on the Under Skin Tone.

  • The COOL toned people will look perfect in the colors or white, black, royal blue, gray, navy and silver.
  • The WARM toned will need the color with natural shade or we can called it the earthy shade, such as cream, burnt orange, saturated sunny yellow, brown, dark leafy green, camel and other such colors. To make your skin glow, you can put the yellow and rose gold colors as the major color.
  • The color that always suitable for those Under Skin Tones would be PLUM color.

    By looking at the above picture, all colors are very beautiful and we are still able to use those colors even-though we are crossing the Under Skin Tone sections. As the example, if we have COOL toned and we want to use the yellow color, which is under the WARM toned section. We still can!!! There is the trick to use both tones without having akward look. We can have 2 complementary colors, which is one color is under the COOL-toned and the other one is WARM-toned. To have the best look, put the colors that are suitable for the skin closest to your face and it might make your face more glowing and also more alive, such as use the orange color for your top. This best color would be the first complementary color. And the yellow color, as the second complementary color, would be best to be used for your shoes, bags or the bottom part. Therefore, your face will radiate perfectly by showering the matched color.

    Tips: Put the color based on your Under Skin Tone closest to your face to shower the best effect. And the other color, which might not be your Under Skin Tone, can be allocated in some distance away from your face.

    These are my pictures with my selected colors for my clothes. Those colors are actually the right colors that appropriate with my Under Skin Tone.

    I was in BLACK COLOR, PINK, and GREY

    I only have few clothes with the WARM toned colors. I want to buy one of those colors as my second complimentary color. It will create the lively color combination.

    The Under Skin Tone will give the perfect color for glowing and radiate your skin. But by combining with other colors beside your the Under Skin Tone will give the unique impact and make your performance more alive.

    Thanks for reading! 😊

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