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Serial: Under Skin Tone and Your Makeup

Makeup is one of the essential tools for every woman. We feel incomplete if we go everywhere with no makeup. And we feel our current makeup always less complete, whereas makeup brands always produce new product range periodically for various beauty needs. I believe that we always want to keep our beauty exist everywhere we go since we wake up in the morning.

Beside of that, the makeup tone is always changing based on the season. Most of the time, we follow the Western updated trend even-though we are having different seasons. In Indonesia, as the example, we only have 2 seasons, which are raining and summer seasons. But sometimes, we follow the season from the country that have 4 seasons, which are summer, winter, spring and autumn. The color might be different though. I have the experience while wearing the nude makeup when I traveled to Melbourne, Australia during winter. I felt so different because most of people wore red lipstick or bright color during winter.

Our Under Skin Tone will be the main thing that we should consider while choosing makeup. We will have the best look in every season if we wear the makeup tone based on Our Under Skin Tone.

Don’t always follow your favorite tones for your makeup too much. Just focus on your Under Skin Tone as a color guidance, then you’ll have the perfect look everyday.

Are you already know about your Under Skin Tone? Mine is COOL! I have put the below image in my previous blog that can be see in this LINK. I have got this image from and it is really interesting to talk about this in detail.


COOL Under Skin Tone

When talking about COOL Under Skin Tone, I will talk about it based on my experience because this is my Under Skin Tone.

  • Eyeshadow colors: It’ll be great if the blue-based colors are the chosen one for daily eyeshadow color. In fact, I don’t have the eyeshadow in those colors. Most of the colors that I have are the pink-based color and also the chocolate-based color. And I used to use the darkest color of the eyeshadow for my eyebrow because it will have the natural finish look. (Solution: I have to leave my favorite color and try to change the color to the blue-based color for the better look).

  • Blush: Pale or rosy pink and plum blush would be the perfect color in enhancing the pink pigment. In fact: I already use the rosy pink color with my blush stick from the SAEM. Actually, I love the result as it give me the fresh look with few of glitter effect. It also gives the effect of the radiant skin. The blush from Bourjois also make my face looks shiny and alive. The color seems like the chocolate color but when I applied it in my cheeks, it will give the fresh pink color and it is smoothly blended with the powder.

  • If you like to wear the jewelry, it’d be better if you choose silver or a white gold. In fact, I used to wear the yellow gold jewelry (earing) in my daily life because I always feel safe if I wear that type of jewelry with nothing to be worried of skin wounds. (Solution: I will try to change my “used to” favorite to finding the silver or a white gold for my jewelry. I believe it will be more simple but elegant).
  • Lipstick color: Rose red, pink and purple are the color that will be matched with COOL undertone. In fact, I only have few pink-based color for my lipstick that I have mentioned in my previous post that talk about choosing the lipstick color according to Under Skin Tone that can be clicked HERE. Most of my lipstick are the chocolate-based color. (Solution: Actually, I tried the shocking pink lipstick color an when I look in the mirror, my face looked brighter and glowing. Sometimes, I feel less confidence to use the pink lipstick but I will use those colors from now).

In this post, I only talk about the COOL undertone as I make the comparison between the theory and what do I currently apply. But you still can see the illustration for your guidance.

I really want to know about your experience. Thanks for reading.


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