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Your Perfect Morning Appearance by LANEIGE Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit

During the day, especially the hectic day, you won’t be realize that beside the physical fatigue there will be another element has also impacted. Your skin will feel rough and also looks dull because of the pollution and the daily stress. Beside of that, after facing lots of tiring things, we usually just want to have some rests when arrive home without doing the facial cleansing. That habit will have the heavy impact to your skin and it won’t look radiant for the whole day. Because of that factor, we need a night treatment to do the skin recovery overnight and also to change the skin condition. It is also to make the tired skin get improved and we will have the perfect performance in the next day. My night treatment will be a bit long and take some times, but it make me so calm, relax and it can also make your rest feel maximally worth.

What are my night treatment steps?

  1. Do the double cleansing regularly, which are the facial oil to clean the dirt from the face and finish it by cleansing foam.
  2. Apply hydrating toner to re-clean my skin from the left dirt and also moisturized the skin to be ready for the next treatment.
  3. Dab the shooting gel through out my face and leave it until it dry.
  4. Apply the facial essence throughout your face.
  5. Then, it continue by applying the facial serum.
  6. Apply the small amount of the eye cream to prevent the dark circle.
  7. Apply a single layer of night cream.
  8. It will completed by applying the lip balm.

It seems like a long important lists that should be done every night. It usually take about 15 – 20 minutes for this. In order to give extra night treatment for my skin, I consider to use LANEIGE Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit. LANEIGE itself is a well-known Korean brand that have a good quality of skincare. That’s why I really want to try this series and I did! For the beginning stage, I try the travel pack of Water Sleeping Mask (15 ml) and Lip Sleeping Mask (3 gram).

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

What it claims? – It is a overnight moisture mask that purifies with exclusive SLEEP-TOX and also intensively hydrates through the night for having the result of clear and glowing skin every morning. It is suitable for all skin types. It has 4 important benefits for the skin.

  1. Skin purifying effect – This product contains SLEEP-TOX technology purifies skin during sleep overnight.
  2. Skin moisturizing – It contains the MOISTURE WRAP to help skin in retaining moisture overnight.
  3. Skin Soothing – It also contains the skin soothing agents to help the skin recovery.
  4. Aromatic SLEEP SCENT – It can give the relaxation while sleeping.

What is the texture? – The texture is so soft, light and milky. You can feel it during the application. It also can absorb very well into your skin.

How to use? – Every time I apply the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, I only use facial toner and shooting gel before applying this mask. I won’t use the facial essence, serum and night cream as I don’t want my skin get the complication of absorbing too many skincare products. I only put a single layer of this mask through out my face before sleep.

How many times per week should I use this mask? – I did search from another beauty blogger about their experience of using this mask. Most of them use it everyday. However, I usually apply this mask once a week to give the balance of my skincare treatment and I don’t want to apply the facial mask too often on the weekly basis.

What is the result? – My face is well moisturized, revitalized and chewy. My skin feel so refresh and healthy. It won’t look that I had less sleep. However, I didn’t see the glowing effect in my face. But I am really satisfy to have the healthy skin instead the glowing skin.

Tips – As this mask is used once or twice a week, it’d be better if you just buy the travel pack instead of the normal size. Because it won’t be finish less than 6 months period. It will save your money though.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

What it claims? – It provides smooth firm lips by gently melting away dead skin on the lips over night. It contains Vitamin C rich Berry Mix Complex with raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry and gojiberry.

What is the texture? – The texture is a bit solid like a balm but it is very soft, fragrant, smooth and elastic. Therefore, by taking a bit of this mask, you can dab through out the lips. It will leave the glossy effect after the application.

How to use? – In order to maximize the effect of this mask, I used to do the lips scrub in advance and continue to apply this mask before bed. I feel so calm and relax during sleeping because I won’t feel dryness in my lips.

How many times per week should I use this mask? – The same as the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, I used to apply the lip mask every once a week. But, if I need a bit more, I use it twice a week.

What is the result? – The result won’t be appear after 3 times of the application. But, on the fourth, I feel that my lips became red and the stains look vague. I am really happy because I tried another scrubs or balms that can remove my stains, it never worked.

Tips – The same as the water sleeping mask, it’ll be better if you buy this in a travel pack as you won’t use this product on the daily basis.

Overall, I really like this LANEIGE Sleeping Care Kit, especially the Lip Sleeping Mask and I will buy the next bottle after finish the first one.

Thanks for reading.

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