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Review – 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel from the SAEM

As a woman, I always want to have the perfect look everyday and I never get satisfied easily with the result of one product. The whole skincare and makeup steps are the must thing to follow to get the best look. However, I prefer to have the healthy skin by doing the proper way of skincare routine everyday and apply less makeup or light makeup. It will have more natural look and I do not become a mannequin with a heavy makeup. In doing the skincare routine, I apply the required skincare products that have ingredients for healthy skin everyday. And I do exfoliation, peeling and put the mask on every week.

I found another skincare product that can be applied for the whole body, which starts from face until feets. It is 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel from the SAEM. It is the multi soothing that can be applied on face and body. I heard about the famous effect of the aloe soothing gel previously and I curious to try it, especially by looking the fresh look of the gel. In this post, I will share my review on this product.

What are the benefits of applying this soothing gel?

  • This soothing gel can make the skin healthy and also moisturized. The skin’s own vitality will be activated by aloe vera from the pristine Jeju island. The gel itself is able to be absorbed into the skin only less than a minute.
  • It can also soothing dry and irritated skin.
  • The ingredients that are contained come from the nature.
  • It doesn’t leave the sticky feeling after applying, which is good for me.
  • As it is the aloe soothing gel, it has the aloe vera scent that can give the relaxation.


  • The package contains 300 ml of aloe soothing gel. It is big enough to be used for face and body purposes. However, the size is too big for traveling and you may need the traveling pack instead.
  • The packaging is made from the plastic material and it is formed as the solid plastic tube. It has two strong covers with a medium thick of transparant lid in between the main cover and the gel to avoid the gel will be spilled out.

The Aloe Soothing Gel Texture

  • The texture is unique. It is chewy but when you spread out on the skin, it is easy to be absorbed into the skin.
  • The soothing gel is transparant or clear. I feel so fresh everytime I look at this gel.
  • It gives the light feeling after the application. I just feel I don’t put any gel at all because it is just too light.

How to Use?

As this soothing gel can be used for face and body, there will be different ways to apply on each. For the face, I usually use it after applying the hydrating toner and before the facial essence. This gel is very easy to be absorbed into the skin, so I just have to wait for about 1 minute until it dries. And for the body purpose, it can replace the body lotion. You may apply it troughout your body after shower while your skin is still damp.

When is the best way to use it?

I don’t know when is the best way off applying this but I used to use it everyday (day and night).

After Use Effect

Personally, I really love this soothing gel. It is able to improve the texture of my skin in the simple way. These points are the result after using this aloe soothing gel and I really satisfied.

  • My skin will feel fresh especially after applying throughout the face.
  • The skin becomes healthy and moisturized.
  • After applying it, my skin is ready to absorb the next treatment.
  • I feel my skin is very soft and smooth.


IDR 99,000 per package

Next Purchase?

Definetely YES

Do you have another experience in using this aloe soothing gel from the SAEM?

Thanks for reading.


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