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It’s About Sweet Cute Cakes in JJ Royal Brasseries

Hi everyone,

In this post, I just want to share my experience to spend my me time during weekend or sometimes during weekdays. In my previous posts, I told that the place and the environment would be some of the factors that influence me the most in choosing the best places to spend my day. Actually, I need the spot that click on me. If the places and the environment are very comforting for me to do my working tasks or do blogging with less major distractions, it means that the chemistry will be built up easily and I will re-visit those places many times. Beside those factors, sweet desserts will be another factor to choose the “me-time” place. Why? Because, I really love sweet cakes and cookies with cute shape and also have unique tastes. There will be very hard for me to make the best selection as each cafe or restaurant offer variety of cakes for different functions, such as for breakfast or just for a light snack. I will focus on the sweet factor and also the unique things to make it simple.

Why do I love cake?

As I mentioned above, I really love sweet cakes especially when I have a break during blogging. It can give me a simple happiness after chewing the sweetness. However, I don’t like the cakes that contain too much artificial sweeteners. This will be another factor in selecting the place. Another reason is the surprise feeling when eating the cake with unique taste. There are many professionals pastry cook experience in combining various ingredients, which sometimes don’t match, and those give memorable tastes. As the example, I like the taste of chocolate cake that contains mint and oreo flavors and also the cheese cake with the real fruit as the topping and mousse as a major ingredients. I know that there a lot of unique tastes out there and I still want to try them all. The happiness feeling is also my reason of eating cakes. It feels so weird but it is real. My mood can easily change into the better one If I eat the perfect taste of cake. My last reason would be the curiosity of cakes’ taste. The baker usually give the creative and unique name of the cake and it is presented with cute shape. It can give the trigger to try it and it calls the EXPERIENCE.

It will be the important thing to be for most baker to make people brave enough to experience with “in question” taste of the cake.

My Experiences

I hope you won’t get bored because I told about JJ Royal Brasseries in some of my posts and I will talk about that again in this post. I won’t talk about the places neither the environment but it is about the sweet desserts while my friend and I had in there. There are too many cute desserts that we can choose in there, starting from the sweet ones until the healthy ones. Few weeks ago, we had two cakes that have unique tastes and we can’t stop eating those. What are they?

Heavenly Cheese

I really love cheese. Anything about cheese in a proper way, I’ll try that. I don’t like two contrast tastes that combined into one, such as a fried chicken with cheese. It seems akward for me because the fried chicken has the independent taste as well as the cheese. Both of them have the strong tastes that can’t be combined. It is just my opinion though.

Heavenly Cheese is just a simple cheesecake but it has a cute shape and also the ingredients are very unique. There are two levels of cake that have different ingredients. We can find the biscuit in the bottom of the cake and the cheese mousse on the top. The cheese itself is very soft. The cake has a very unique taste, especially when we eat both parts together. The biscuit taste will be smooth enough that is the affection of the cheese mousse taste and it won’t be too cheesy either. It gives me the good experience and I remind this cake as the small cake that has a great taste.

Prince George

The other cake that we tried was Prince George. My impression of this cake was this cake has a very chocolate taste with no break for another taste. As in fact, it is a dark chocolate cake with very strong chocolate flavor. This cake also has a very unique taste because it has layers of chocolate ingredients and one thin layer of wafers. We thought that it has a liquor as one of the ingredients. Therefore, the taste will be the combination of variety of strong tastes. If you have a tooth problem, jus be careful of trying this cake!

Trying the variety of cakes will be the wonderful experience for me. Because, there are a lot of unique taste of cakes that I still haven’t try them all. Professional baker will always create lots of creative cakes, in terms of the shape and the taste. But, I will consider the cake with less artificial sweeteners.

Thanks for reading.

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