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Tips to Use the “too-white” Powder

Powder will be the most important makeup that should be used everyday, especially for women. There won’t be complete if we do not finish our makeup with powder, even-though there is the current trend of not using the powder but just the BB cream instead to have a glowing face. For me, powder is still a must thing to wear and bring every where I go. However, sometimes we did some failure in choosing the powder that does not have the match color with the skin tone. We only look the color at the product display or try the product sample on our hand and we thought that our skin tone is match with it. We do not realize that it might be un-match. I have the experience on this. I used to wear the natural color on my two way cake powder for my daily use and I thought that there will be the same tone with the original powder. But, the powder color is too bright for me and it does not match with my skin tone. My complexion would be too white and it looks like a mask. It is such a fake makeup look. And I won’t throw my powder away though. Beside the “too white” color, some people sometime choose the too dark color powder and it would make their face tan or have a sunburn. It doesn’t look natural either.

Throw away the powder? NO!

I try some experience to keep use the “too white” powder and finding some tricks.I have medium surface color and I try to blend the powder with my skin tone to have the natural look. I know it was not easy as the color still look too bright for me after several attempts. Finally I found it! And I want to share this tricks with you.

Depend on the dark shade bronzer for your overall look!

Firstly, I will tell you my normal steps in doing the daily makeup, starting from the skincare.

  1. I apply the Hydrating Toner after cleansing my face. It can re-cleanse my face from the dirts and also prepare the skin for the next skincare treatment (Duration: Leave it for 30 seconds – 1 minute until it is absorbed).
  2. It continues with the Shooting Gel application through out the face. It can refresh the skin and moisturized the skin as well (Duration: Leave it for about 1 minute until the gel is dried and absorb into the skin.
  3. The Facial Essence will be the next step (Duration: Also leave it for about 1 minuted until it is dried).
  4. The next will be the Facial Serum. It is the must skincare that I always apply every morning and night.
  5. Apply the BB cream or CC cream if I want to have the light weight makeup for the day. Or alternatively, I will apply the light moisturizer and a light foundation if I want to have heavier makeup.
  6. Then, I continue by splashing the powder by using the powder brush.
  7. Then I finish the makeup with the bronzer to give a shape on my face and the blush on to sparkle my face.

Those steps are my regular steps if there is no problem with the color tone of the powder. But, in this case, there is something that should be done to make the “too white” powder can be blended into my skin tone to have the natural look. There is the tips.

After applying the BB Cream, CC Cream or even the foundation on your face, put the bronzer with a dark shade color with a small brush on jawlines, the line of the nose, chin, and forehead. It can be used as a base makeup before applying the powder. It can also give the natural shape for your face. Then, you can continue with blending the bronzer shade with the BB cream or CC cream until you have the darker tone in your face. After that, you better wait for about 2 minutes to make sure that the dark shade is already absorbed into your skin tone. Then, you might continue to apply the powder with the big powder brush. Do not ever put lots of powder on the brush as it might brighter the face during the application. You just put a bit on the brush and give it a few shakes until you have only a few powder left. Blend it throughout the face until evenly distributed. You can continue with the blush on application on the cheekbone.

Why I do this?

  • The bronzer with a darker shade can be functioned as a makeup base if you apply before applying the powder. It can give the natural look and a glowing skin because the light color will stay in your face.
  • Therefore, the powder can be used as makeup support to finish the makeup.
  • The makeup will stay longer.
  • And the last thing, your face won’t look too white or like wearing a mask but you will have a glowing skin instead.

This will be my tips from me based on my experience as the solution to save the “too white” powder and make it works for your skin with the glowing result.

Thanks for reading.

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