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My Itinerary while in Perth for FOUR days

In facing a non-stop hectic daily activities, which sometimes can be monotonous, we need some times to refresh our mind to get the healthy body and also a happy feeling. We also wish that we will fresher our whole body after a long holiday or just a short break and ready for the further activities. Actually, we do not need any kind of fancy destinations though, but we need the places that are able to calm our minds and hearts. It can be just the places near us or we do need a visa as the entry requirement in some countries. In the last Easter break, I took a short break in Perth, Western Australia. Why did I choose Perth? To be honest, I will choose Melbourne if I had a longer break. I just need a very short break for 4 days on that time, so I choose Perth to spend my days in that city then as I still have a valid Australia visa. The other reason was I never visited Perth before and a lot of people said that it was a very beautiful place and it was also a clean city. There are a lot of Indonesian who live there for study or work purposes. “It is very worth city to be visited for a short period” and “It is a good place to live”, somebody said those sentences to me. I was curious and I went to Perth to prove whatever people said about Perth. If the place is good enough for the next visit, it can be another option for the short break besides Singapore.

Perth is a small city if compares with Melbourne, Sydney or even Brisbane. In terms of the public transports, there were only few varieties that we can choose. However, they are providing a very organized public transports, such as buses, train, local buses and taxi as my last choice. The good thing for me is there won’t be any charges for all city buses, which was excellent! It is valid for Perth city buses and also Fremantle city buses. However, if one of your hobbies is shopping, you have to organize your time to do that in Perth because most of the shops were closed at 5 PM. You still can find some cafes and restaurants that are still opened after 6 PM though. Actually, this situation was very different with Melbourne. There were some shops that were still opened until 11 pm in Melbourne city, such as Target and Big W. Then, I realize that those cities were very different, in terms of the lifestyle and citizen’s habit. Because of that, I tried to find the thing that might be click on me in Perth.

I did some browsing before travel to Perth and I saw some interesting destination that should be visited if I have more times. One of the example, There is the island nearby Perth city that famous with Quokka animal. It is Rottnest Island. This island is the primary home of the Quokka. This unique animal becomes the most popular tourist attraction in Rottnest Island as the world’s happiest animal. I saw the picture of Quokka and they were so cute with the happy smiling face all the time. However, I could not visit Rottnest Island due to the limited time of my short break. I definitely will go there for my next visit. I really want to meet Quokka and also I want to feel the beautiful feeling in that island as well as the scenery.


I think that would be enough for the introduction about Perth. Next, I will share the itinerary of my 4-days holiday in Perth. This itinerary would be based on my interests and you might customize based on your plan.


As I mentioned above, I went to Perth during Easter Break. Actually, it was a very wrong timing for me. Because, most of shops and public transports did not run regularly. The worst thing that there were only few buses that operated from Perth Airport to Perth Central Business District (CBD) and it took longer time to wait until the bus arrived in the designated bus stop. Then, I decided to took the taxi from the airport to my hotel, which was located in the Perth CBD, and it costed me around A$70 – A$ 100 for one way. It was very expensive just for the transportation cost! If you find hard to find the taxi terminal in Terminal 1, you have to turn left from the exit door and go straight passing the smoking area until you find the taxi and car rental signage. You will find many taxi providers queue in that area. I want to share my experience while I was in the taxi. I felt uncomfortable with the driver attitude as he kept giving me a fake smile and acted very strange. But well, hopefully it was only my feeling. At the end, the public bus will work better for me as it would be cheaper either.

Arrived at Terminal 1 (International Arrival Terminal)

When you arrive at the Terminal 1 (T1) and you want to catch the bus to the city, you can choose the Transperth Buses that are located in the Domestic Terminal (T3 and T4). You don’t have to walk along to the Domestic Terminal. There is the transfer bus from T1 that can transfer you to the Domestic Terminal, which is FOR FREE! After you arrive to the Domestic Terminal, you may choose bus number 37 and 40 and they will drop you anywhere in the city.

Arrived at the Pensione Hotel (Location: Perth CBD)


Pensione Hotel, Perth CBD

In my 4 days holiday in Perth, I stayed in Pensione Hotel that was located in the intersection of Pier Street and Murray Street in Perth CBD. I really like the location as it is very strategic that is located just in the heart of the Perth city. I was able to visit a lot of tourist attractions in the city just by walk, such as Riverside Drive, Murray Street and Hay Street Malls, St Marys Cathedral, and other interesting places. This hotel also nearby Perth train stations and many bus stops. So, it was easy for me. The location was great but you have to be careful if you stay in Perth city area. There were so many homeless who walked around in the city area or in Mc Donald’s or KFC, especially after 5 PM. They would reach me if I brought the plastic bag. Therefore, I used to drop my shopping bags in the hotel first then continued my walking journey.

I did check-in in the hotel for about 30 minutes.

Travel around the Perth CBD

As it was already around 12 pm, I preferred to took my journey around the city by walk. It was too late if I wanted to travel to outer suburb. It would save the transport cost too!

City Journey by Walk

  • Started from Pensione Hotel
  • Walked ahead to the Murray Street mall even-though those shops were closed due to the public holiday. I might see some restaurants were open on that day. There were still lots of group of people and families walked around in the city area. And some of them were tourists.
  • Turned left on Barrack Street and I stopped at Mc Donald’s for my late lunch. During the travel time, I always spent my time to had my lunch or dinner at Mc Donald’s because the menu might be different from Indonesia or other countries as well as the taste. Mc Donald’s restaurant was located just opposite the Perth Town Hall. I did not get into the town hall but I saw a a unique historical building from outside. I really like the building style as it was so antique and gave the historical feeling.

Mc Donald’s and Perth Town Hall

  • After I had lunch for about 45 minutes, I walked along Barrack street to the Supreme Court Gardens. I could see various styles of building along Barrack street, from the building with historical styles and also modern style building. They were built side by side but I did not feel cramped because the road in between building sides was big enough. It would also made this area wouldn’t be too crowded and it was very relaxing while walked along this area.
  • Beside the Supreme Court Gardens, there were two other gardens within the same area, which were Stirling Gardens and Council House Gardens. There were many entrance gate that I could choose to entry the complex of gardens. It was very big beautiful gardens with very organized garden area. While I walked through this complex of garden, I saw some people sitting in the benches on the garden sites and also some people lying down in the wide field beside the Riverside Drive. It was very relaxing because I could feel calm within a healthy area. I did some review on this complex of gardens on this LINK.

The Supreme Court Gardens Area

  • After spent around 30 minutes enjoying my time in the complex of beautiful gardens, I continued to walk towards Swan Bells. It was a very beautiful with a unique shape building. However, It was closed at that time but I still could see the beauty of the building from the outside. It was normally open from 10 AM to 4 PM every day. What is Swan Bells? It is a set of 18 bells hanging in 82.5 meters-high copper and glass campanile. If you plan to took some photos inside the Swan Bells, it might be very attractive. In the surround area, there were many benches that are provided for people in having their rests or just to spent their time in there.

Swan Bells

  • At the back of Swan Bells, I could see Barrack Square that was still located in the same area. So, it was only a minute walk. Then, I decided to came to see the Barrack Square environment. I could see the tidy and organized ferry terminals and there were many cozy coffee shops and restaurants that I could choose. There were many group of friends and families sat there for reunion and spent their holidays. There were some tour providers’ office that you could book your travel to Rottnest Island, or other places. Overall, it had a perfect scenery and you could get many things in this place.
  • After that, I continued to spent my time in Riverside Drive. It was also a short walk from Barrack Square. I review about this that can be clicked in this LINK. The thing that I love being in this place was the environment and the scenery. I could sit in the benches beside the SWAN River to luxuriate the scenery, beautiful sky and perfect weather. There were also many people, families and couples spent their time in this place for doing sports, photographing or relaxation. This place is the perfect place to have a relaxation for about 1 – 2 hours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • After refresh my mind in Riverside Drive, I continued to walk through Victoria Avenue by passing Perth Concert Hall and some other historical buildings. However, there was very quite atmosphere in Victoria Avenue and I was a bit scare while walking through. Actually, it was the office complex and all of them were closed. It was safe though. Most of people preferred to spent their time in the parks, cafes and restaurants with their friends or families instead of walking around in the office complex.
  • By walking through Victoria Avenue, I could see St Marys Cathedral in front of me. The complex was very comforting and it gave the peaceful feeling. This complex was near Royal Perth Hospital. There was a mass while I arrived in St Marys Cathedral and I could not entry because there were very crowded with lots of people were praying. I sat outside the Church and I really like the atmosphere. Every time I travel, I always visited Cathedral because I really love the building style and also the beauty in the inside.

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  • I passed the Museum and Fire Safety Education Center on Murray Street on my way back to the hotel. It was a very cute historical building. I though this was a childcare or kind of because the building was so lively. I could not entry as it was closed either but I still could see the beauty of the building from outside.

Museum and Fire Safety Education Center

  • Finally, I arrived back to Pensione Hotel and had some rests for tomorrow activities.

Day 1 Expenses

  • Transportation from Airport to City by Taxi: A$ 70 to A$ 100
  • City Transport: A$ 0
  • Food & Beverages: A$ 50

TOTAL Expenses: Approximately A$ 150


On my second day, I went to Kings Park Botanic Garden. It was still located in the city area, so the transportation cost was still at ZERO cost. I planned to have my trip in one area for one day to make my time effective and also efficient in terms of cost.

  • How to get there? I took the bus number 935 from the bus stop in St. George TCE. It was a bit longer waiting because that day was still counted as a public holiday. This bus stop was just in front of the Government House. So, it won’t be a problem for me as I still could enjoy the scenery of the Government House building and the Church just opposite the bus stop. I really love those buildings. The Government House was really beautiful, neat and the garden was also very organized. The gate was closed from inside as it was a private house but I still could see the garden from the main gate. I really wanted to see the interior that I believed it would be very pretty as well. Back to the bus itself, it was also for free because the area was still in the city and do not be confused about where to stop because you will get out in the last stop. And for the way back, I just took the same bus number from the same bus stop that would drop me back to the city.
  • There were many things that I could see in Kings Park and Botanic Garden. It was a very large area with various genres of floras that had different benefits and it had also beautiful scenery that I could see the Perth city as a whole. In order to get the information about the park, you could visit the information center beside two cafes at the back of the entry gate. The customer service was very helpful in explaining about the park itself, the pathway, the ‘must-see’ places and at the end they provide me two maps of the park. Therefore, I won’t be get lost in the park area. If you do not have a time to have breakfast before, there were two cafes in the Kings Park and Botanic Garden area that you can choose just beside the information center. The bigger cafes and the small one. I am sorry that I forgot the name of each. I took a pack of sushi roll and a hot cappuccino for my breakfast in the small cafe and I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery with sound of birds and breathe fresh air while having breakfast. However, the wind was too strong in the park area. Therefore, you better bring your jacket or cardigan while visiting there, in case that you will be cold.

A pack of sushi and a hot cappucino

  • What are the lovable places in here? I will tell you by the following pictures.

The entry gate of Kings Park and Botanic Garden

This entry gate was successfully gave me the visual signage to find the cafes, information centers and the Fraser Avenue look out. On my first visit, I felt confuse while get off from the bus as there wasn’t direction to go to the entrance. Therefore, I just walked across the car park and I could see this white signage. There were some toilets in this entrance as well.


South African War Memorial

You can find the South African War Memorial while walking through the park area from the information center. It was a bit long walk though. But after you arrived in this monument you will get the feel. It was a very organized space with beautiful flowers encircle the monument and you might see the information around the monument as well.


State War Memorial

This is a must visit monument, which is named a State War Memorial. It was big and elegant monument that consisted many historical value in it. It was located near the South African War Memorial. The other beautiful thing was you can took the photo of this monument with the Fraser Avenue lookout as the background.


Fraser Avenue Lookout

At the back of the State War Memorial, you can find the Fraser Avenue Lookout. It was a big area with a very beautiful Perth city view. If you decide to take some video shoots for vlogging, don’t worry because some people did the shoots as well, including me.

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The inside of the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. I could see many species of flora from everywhere that have many benefits for health and any other purposes. There were some information board in each of the species that gave you the information about the plants, their origins and the benefits.

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The next scenery would be the Mt Eliza Lookout. It was also inside the garden, but it was not too visible. You have to keep your eye on every signage. There will be a small pathway towards this lookout after the signage.


Pioneer Women’s Memorial

You might find the Pioneer Women’s Memorial on your way to the exit gate of the park. I actually get confused to find the way to get this statue as there was no clear signage as a direction. But, the simple way that you just follow to exit signage and you will find the statue before the gift store on the exit gate.


After visiting the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, I continued to take a walk around the city. I get off in the London Court bus stop on St George Terrace. I really wanted to visit London Court as it was an open-roofed shopping arcade that was allocated between the Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace. I think it was like the Block Arcade in Melbourne city. The London Court interior was very antique and it had the British style in the building details. Even-though the shops and cafes in London Court were closed, I still could walk through the hall and enjoy the atmosphere. It was a bit dark though but I still saw the interior style.

After walking through the London Court, I walked towards the Hay Street Mall and Murray Street Mall. Those two areas were big shopping malls with many famous stores in it, such as Sportsgirl, Target, Dotti, Jeanswest, Cotton On, and other stores. And you may find the souvenir shops in these areas as well. I like these areas so much, but again you have to be careful to the homeless. There were many of them in these two areas, especially in the pathway and also in the junk food restaurants. You just be nice to them but keep your eye on your belongings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To finish the day, I had a burger and a hot cappuccino in Hungry Jack’s around the Murray Street Mall or Hay Street Mall. Actually, there was no Hungry Jack’s in Indonesia. So, it would be a must thing to buy while visiting Australia. And that’s the end of Day 2.


Day 2 Expenses

  • City Transport: A$ 0
  • Food & Beverages: A$ 50

TOTAL Expenses Day 2: Approximately A$ 50

Day 3

I was really excited on my Day 3 activity. Why? Because I went to Fremantle or we can call it FREO! It was a bit far from Perth CBD but I really wanted to visit that city to get different environment and feel the different atmosphere. And one more thing that I could get the best fish and chips in Fremantle! Then, I decided to start my day at 7 AM to walked towards Perth Railway Station in Wellington St from the hotel. It only took me around 15 minutes walk. However, the station was not too visible. So, I checked on the offline map that it was allocated just opposite the Murray St Mall. When selecting the ticket, I had to select ZONE 2 in the ticket machine and it costed me A$ 4.60 (one way) and A$ 9.20 (return). I could ask the guard station whenever I felt confused and he helped me sincerely. The journey was only took me around 30 to 40 minutes from Perth CBD to Fremantle. I could see many beautiful city scenery, suburbs, blue sky and other view that I couldn’t find in the city.

In Fremantle city, there is a free bus service that operates daily around the Fremantle city centre, which is called Fremantle CAT. There are two types of buses that are Blue CAT (departs every 10 minutes) and Red CAT (departs every 15 minutes). I decided to take a walk while in Fremantle. Because I wanted to get the click with the atmosphere, and I also want to enjoy the environment by looked at the cafes surround and also the attractions that were happened on that day. There were clear signage in every section on the road to ensure that everybody get the clear direction to the desired places. The places were crowded but I still felt the comfortable feeling during my walking journey because the pathways were wide enough to fulfill many visitors. There were many side cafes that I offered variety of foods and beverages for breakfast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My route in Fremantle area would be:

  • Get off in Fremantle Station
  • Walked through the Market Street (Cappuccino Strip). During my visit, there were some bazaars in the middle of the road and also some music performances that can be enjoyed by all visitors for free.
  • Had Fish and Chips for my breakfast in one of the cafes in Cappuccino Strip. I am sorry, I also forget the name of the cafe.
  • Visited Fremantle Markets. Maybe you may think that the markets would be dirty, have a bad smell, crowded and other things that can make you feel uncomfortable. Yes, it was crowded but the spatial was very organized. There were many sections that were specialized based on the goods category, such as foods and beverages, clothing, souvenirs, and others. Therefore, I didn’t feel crowded at all.

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  • Walked towards the Esplanade Reserve and Esplanade Youth Plaza. I walked through the housing complex nearby the entry gate of Fremantle Markets. In the Esplanade areas, there were a lot of kids and families had their fun time for picnic, doing sports or had their breakfasts. I love the place because it was so green and fresh.


  • Walked through back to Party Street and stoped by at Fremantle Oval. It is a big stadium. However, there were nothing I can do in this place as there were no competition at that time.

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  • Visited Fremantle Prison. I did the review of this place that can be clicked in this LINK.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Visited E Shed Market. This market was allocated just beside the Fremantle Station. There were different goods that sold in this market if comparing with the Fremantle Markets. In E Shed, the sellers sold creative and unique products that ranges from clothing and souvenirs. There were not many as in the Fremantle Markets though but they sold more creative and unique products. There were some restaurants in the side of the E Shed Market.

I like being in Fremantle area because there were no homeless people in here. So, I felt so comfortable and safe. As the last train schedule to the city would be around 5 PM, it means that I had to catch the train soon and that’s the end of my Day 3 journey.

Day 3 Expenses

  • Transportation to Fremantle: A$ 9.60
  • City Transport: A$ 0
  • Food & Beverages: A$ 50

TOTAL Expenses Day 3: Approximately A$ 59.60

Day 4

As this was my last day, it won’t be too much to do to spent my day. I just spent my day in the city area before go to the airport around 4 pm.

  • I had breakfast in Miss Maud restaurant that was allocated just opposite the Pensione Hotel. This is my review.
  • Walked around the Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall as those places were near to the hotel.

I took the taxi again from the hotel to the airport and it costed me around A$ 100. I choose the taxi again because the Easter Break in Perth was taking longer and the public transport still operated non-regular basis. However, I felt safe this time while in the taxi. The taxi driver was so kind. He told me about his family and also his experiences while in Australia. And I arrived in Perth Airport safely. And I continued had my early dinner in the cafe near the check in desk. That’s the end of my journey in Perth, Australia.


Day 4 Expenses

  • Transportation (Taxi) from Pensione Hotel to Airport: A$ 100
  • City Transport: A$ 0
  • Food & Beverages: A$ 50

TOTAL Expenses Day 4: Approximately A$ 150

Therefore, based on the above daily expenses, my total expenses while in Perth would be approx. A$ 409.6 or A$410 for 4 days. This total amount didn’t include the shopping items, airlines and hotels expenses. You will be able to get cheaper airlines tickets if you buy them about a year in advance as well as the hotel voucher.

If you need the travel itinerary to any countries, please let me know and I’ll try to help you. Thanks for reading.


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