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Say Goodbye to Signature

Actually, this is not my first post reviewing Signature serum from the Faceshop. I reviewed it on my previous post that can be clicked through this LINK. Then, why did I want to talk about this product in this post? Because, it did not sell in all the Faceshop stores in Indonesia anymore. Most of the sellers said that this product is already being discontinued from the Faceshop Korea and it is being upgraded to other types of serum. That’s the reason why I really want to do my final review about this serum.

I have been used this serum for about two years and this is my third bottle. This serum is very durable. I used one bottle for 6 to 8 months usage. It save my expenses on skincare products! I really love this serum so much and I depend on it in my daily skincare routine. I am really sad that they discontinued the production. This is trully not a sponsored article but I honestly feel that my skin improves a lot after apply this serum. I couldn’t find any complexities since my first week of usage until now. My skin also feel very soft and smooth. The pores are being dissapeared. I am very satisfying with this serum.

What are the ingredients that this serum has contained?

It contains 21 herbal ingredients, which is the concentration of 21 wild herbs selected from more than 300 species. I, personally, only think that it is a great skin conditioning serum with some organic ingredients. It will be safe for my skin as well. I am very selective in choosing the skincare products, as my skin is super sensitive. I am easily got the irritation if the products’ ingredients are too heavy. So, the natural ingredients might be the best one.

How do I use to apply this serum?

It is just a normal skincare routine in applying this serum in my daily basis. I use to apply it after doing my double cleansing, applying the hydrating toner, put the soothing gel and the essence throughout my face. It is easily absorbed into my skin in only less than 2 minutes and I continue to apply BB cream or a moisturizer plus a foundation. Belive it or not, my makeup will blended well with this serum and it has the natural result.

I don’t know what happen in other countries, but the seller told me that this product has been upgraded to the collagen series product. So, I bought it because I really need serum for my daily skincare routine. I will review that new serum after I finish the Signature serum. But, if you still find this Signature serum from the Faceshop in your country, and your skin type is normal to oily skin, then you should try this serum. Hopefully, you will get the result like I do.

Thanks for reading.

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