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Review – Makeup Remover Neutrogena

During traveling, we have to be clever in choosing what products that are needed to be in the luggage, such as clothing, accessories, footwear, toiletries, cosmetics, business utilities, and other things that might be a trouble if you left those at home. I always confuse what to bring during traveling, especially in terms of the beauty products. I feel that I want to bring all skincare products that I have and also my cosmetics. I know that it seems impossible, and it is impossible! It is very unreasonable to bring all of those and put in my small luggage and it is very not effective either.

In this post, I’d like to share about one cleansing wipes that I used to bring during traveling. In my regular daily activities, I used 3 products for cleansing my face, which are the cleansing cream, a cleansing lotion and the cleansing foam. I use to apply the “triple cleansing” on my daily basis. In the Korean beauty, they are popular with the Double Cleansing activity to get the healthy as well as a glowing skin. However, I felt that I still need more than 2 cleansers to be confident that my face is already cleaned from any kind of dirt. Therefore, I create the terms of a “triple cleansing” for my self. Back to the traveling term, I won’t bring those 3 cleansing products in my luggage as this will be a chance to spill in my luggage even-though I put them in a small container. Therefore, I used the cleansing wipes to replace the cleansing cream and cleansing lotion, which might be valid only during traveling. On top of that, I still bring the cleansing foam and I used to bring the foam in a sachet form.

Neutrogena – Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I found this kind of cleansing wipes during my traveling to Perth, Western Australia months ago. My first thing that is attracted my view was the chubby package in the soft blue color. Actually, I use the moisturizer from Neutrogena brand as my daily moisturizer and I love the ingredients so much. The ingredients are very light and perfect for the sensitive skin, which make me trust to this brand until now. When I saw this cleansing towelettes, I thought that it can be the alternative choice from the Neutrogena brand for the cleansing product to be brought during traveling as it has the compact size and it is really simple too. However, this type of cleanser did not work well on my skin, especially this Neutrogena – Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

I’ll tell you my experience in using this brand.

What does this product claim in the packaging?

It is a ultra-soft cloths with patented formula dissolves all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara.

The Product Descriptions

In terms of the towelettes, the thickness of each wipes is thick enough and it is also very soft. I can feel the smoothness while cleansing my makeup and it is enjoyable for me. However, it won’t be easy enough to clean the medium level of makeup application though as I never wear a heavy makeup during the day. I have to wipe my face few times to make sure that the makeup are perfectly removed. The other thing, the towelettes itself is not wet enough and I can say that it is too dry for cleaning my makeup. It make me uncomfortable while using it because it make my skin feel dry instead of moisturized. And I still need another skincare treatment for the next step.


The Packaging

I like the packaging quality because it is made from the thick plastic and it has the strong lid on the top of it. The packaging is very compact and solid. It will be very effective if you put in your travel bag or even in your hand bag. I bought the refill pack that contains 25 pre-moistened towelettes with a size of 19 cm x 18.5 cm for each towelettes.

After Use Effect

After wiping my face by using this cleansing towelettes, I feel that my skin is very dry and it is also a bit irritated. I know that my skin is very sensitive. That’s why I get the effect straight away after usage. Usually, I continued to wash my face with the facial foam to refresh my skin and reduce the irritation effect.

Next Purchase?

Nope. I prefer to bring my day to day cleansing products that I regularly use every day and put them in the container. Even-though, I need the compact size of cleansing products during traveling, I still need the products that can make my skin moisturized and healthy.

Please share your experience if you ever used this product. Thanks for reading.



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