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Review – Pure White Brightening Essence (the SAEM)

Every woman always connected with the kind of skincare and makeup that they used to apply on daily basis. One of the reasons would be all woman desire to have a shiny and healthy skin naturally. Some of them apply a lot of makeup to cover all complexion, uneven skin tone and the acne. However, they don’t realize that by putting too much makeup products to hide the imperfection, they end up with the “not natural” look or sometimes I named the look as the mannequin look. This is because the look would be too perfect but it will be fake though. On the other hand, to get the hydrated, healthy, shiny and glowing skin, I prefer to spend my time in doing the skincare routine on the daily and weekly basis and apply less makeup. The final look will be more natural because the skin is already healthy before applying the makeup and the makeup itself is functioned as the supporting tools to lock the look.

As you can see that there are a lot of beauty products being existed in our life, which are originated from Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, and other countries. All of them offer the ingredients for gaining the healthy skin as well as other things that are needed to women, such as to brighten the skin, make the skin glowing in just a click, minimize skin pores and other wishes for all women to get the best look. At first, I used the skincare brands from Western countries and those are only simple products that I used for daily basis. Previously, I only knew that in doing the daily skincare treatment, the products that I need is only a face cleanser, a toner (without specified on which toner), moisturizer (for a daytime) and a night cream (for a night time). At that time I felt that I already did my beauty routine correctly and had the healthy skin already. But, the pimples would arrive throughout my face at least once a month and my skin was not shiny or even glowing. Then, I learnt about the skincare routine from Korea and their products as well. I realized that my skin needed more ingredients for gaining healthy skin, internally and externally.


This is one of the products that mostly be found in Korean skincare products. I never thought that Essence is the important element for skin besides serum, as I only use serum previously before moisturizer or BB cream (of course after upgrading my skill on the skincare routine). For you that is still confusing about Essence, this is the liquid that contains concentrates of certain ingredients to give the solution for the specific skin problems. Usually, the texture is like a water with a transparent texture and contains the perfect nutrition and moisturizer for skin; a concentrated antioxidant, vitamin, organic acid and certain fermentation probiotics. However, different Essence will have different ingredients for the desired results. While choosing Essence, you have to carefully select what type of Essence you might need as some brands have the whitening essence, pore control essence and others. This might be useful in ensuring that the selected product will work well with your skin to get the expected result.

PURE WHITE Brightening Essence from the SAEM

Actually, this is my first Essence that I ever used in my life. As I mentioned before that I used serum as a makeup base instead of Essence. I was so excited to try for the new thing in my life, which was the Essence application. I did some research from other beauty bloggers and variety of beauty vlogs to get some insights. And at the end, I was very sure to try PURE WHITE Brightening Essence from the SAEM while I visited its store and did some consultations with beautician.

As stated in the box, The SAEM Pure White Brightening Essence claim “The whitening essence with clear bright energy provides dazzling radiance to the skin.”

My first impression

Honestly, my first impression would be the creative style of its packaging. The packaging is so cute. It is a bit vintage with the unique shape and wooden style of lid. After amazed with the packaging, I tried to apply the essence itself on my hand and I really love the liquid as it is being absorbed into my skin easily. At the beginning, I thought that the Essence is a clear water like a drink water. That’s why I was curious with how it works as it is formed as a liquid lotion.


As I mentioned before that I like the packaging. It is made from melamine with a broken white color. The shape is also unique that doesn’t have the straight shape but it is unusual. It is also provided with a little pump, so the Essence won’t be split out and also I am able to measure how many pumps should I need per usage.

The Bottle Size

The bottle size is 60 ml. Actually, this product is very economical as I only need few Essence to apply on my face per usage.


The Essence Texture

The texture is very light that comes up like a lotion. It is very soft and smooth when it comes into the skin. When you apply throughout the skin, it is very easy to be absorbed in only 1 – 2 minutes and my skin feels chewy. Even-though it is like a lotion, it does not leave the sticky feeling.

How to Use

I used to apply 2 pumps of this Essence on my cleaned facial skin, and after spread through the Wardah Hydrating Toner and 99% Jeju Fresh Shooting Gel in day time as well as during a night time. I used to do massaging while applying for about 30 seconds to a minute. And let the Essence to be absorbed into my skin.

After Use Feeling

I already use this Essence for about 2 or 3 weeks and I feel that my face is very moisturized and chewy. Even-though, the function should be to brighter the skin, I still haven’t find the direct impact to my skin. Maybe, it will take a longer time. However, I don’t aim to get the brighter skin as my main purpose but a healthy skin instead. So, I satisfy about this product until now.

Where to Get this Product

You can get this product from the SAEM stores in your countries or you can buy it through online stores. I, personally, prefer to buy the beauty products from the physic stores, whether those are the skincare and also makeup products. Because I am able to try the product straight away in the store and also do the consultation before buying. So, I am very confident that I buy the right product for my skin current needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

I bought this product in the SAEM store in Jakarta, Indonesia. It costs me IDR 419,000 per bottle or it is around U$30. However, the price will be different that based on the country that sell this product. It is gonna be a lot cheaper if you buy the product from Korea or the country surround.

Next Purchase?

Definitely yes.

Overall, I really like this Essence texture. I can feel my whole face is very chewy, moisturized and healthy. And it also able maximized the absorption of other skincare while using within one time. Do you have any experience of using the Pure White Brightening Essence from the SAEM? Or Do you any other experiences of using any other Essence brands?

Thanks for reading.



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