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Delicious Padang Cuisines

No one deny that everybody loves food, any kind of foods. You can see from the fact that everywhere we are traveling to other cities or countries, we will try the local food. Sometimes, we spend few days just to do the culinary journey. Because in every region, they have the typical food with a unique and different taste. However, you don’t have to do traveling to taste those typical foods. There are some restaurants offering variety of foods from different regions. As the example, in Indonesia especially in Jakarta, there are many restaurants that offer numbers of food from Indonesia (Padang, Javanese, West Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and other regions in Indonesia), Italy, France, Spanish, and other countries. We can find those restaurants easily in the malls or in the hangout areas with groups of restaurants and cafes surround. To be noted, if you have experience to visit Indonesia, the easiest restaurant to be found is the Padang restaurant. You can find them in every street section and also in malls. So, if you really starving but have no idea where to eat, you can find the Padang restaurant in only one second.

Last weekend, my Father and I went to our favorite Padang restaurant in Kuningan City, Jakarta. It is called Sari Bagindo. We used to have lunch in this restaurant and we love the foods. It offers the typical dishes from West Sumatra, especially Padang, and the taste of food is very strong. Each of them has leave the taste after eating. We really love the Padang cuisine. Sari Bagindo, as far as I know, they can be found in Kuningan City and Lotte Avenue.

The Ambience of the Restaurant

I really love the ambience of the restaurant. It is really comfort with dim light that make the atmosphere is warm and very peaceful. There are a lot of family having their lunch in there, especially during weekend. When I came on the weekdays, some business people had their lunch meeting in there for about 2 hours. It is a great atmosphere for working as they provide the strong wifi signal. Overall, by looking at the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is kind of a comfort family restaurant.


In terms of the food, you are able to choose variety of Padang Cuisine starting from the heavy side dishes until the desserts. You may choose from the food display that is usually positioned at the front or they put  the food list in the menu at the table.

I ordered a white rice and a portion of fried lung for my side dishes. Usually, they serve the fried lung with the goulash sauce and two types of chili sauces, which are the green chili and red chili pepper. I usually pour the goulash sauce on the top of the rice to make rice feel softer and more tasty.  However, if you order the fried lung, you have to remind the waitress while ordering to make the lung is well-fried. If not, it will taste fishy. The visual of the fried lung is just the black color of small shapes of lungs. Those are not attractive at all but the taste is really great!

Beside the fried lung, we ordered the vegetable package for my Father. Usually, the package includes a white rice, vegetable jackfruit and a vegetable leaf cassava. And it also serves with two types of chili sauce. This package is perfect dishes for vegetarian.

In Indonesia, food will have the better taste if you eat it with some crackers. It can neutralize the taste of the main food while eating.


We order the simple but tasty drink to finish up out lunch, which are hot black tea and a Solok coffee with condensed milk. The coffee is the traditional coffee, which supposed to be a black one but I requested the milk to be mixed. 

Overall, we like to try the typical food from different regions because each of them has different taste and leave the unique taste in the tongue. Tell me about your local food from your city.

Thanks for reading.

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