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Get Your Comfort at Brownbag Cafe

Cafe is my favorite place to relax or even to do some deadlines. The environment can motivate our heart and brain to finish our tasks faster rather than sitting in our common favorite places, such as our lovely home or other cafes or restaurants that we used to hangout every week. The cafe don’t have to be ellegant or a high-end cafe. But it should has the comfort place to seat with cozy atmosphere and friendly waitress. The other thing that it should has a wifi connection to suport us in doing our works and assignments. Beside those purposes, I used to hangout with my friends in some cute cafes that comfort us to share some stories for more than 2 hours.

Last weekend, my bestfriend and I went to cute cafe in Kemang area, Jakarta that is named Brownbag Cafe. It is a small cafe in Plaza Adorama building on the 2nd floor but we like the place and also the food. The unique thing would be there are two sides of cafe that allocated just accross to each other. We confused at first because there were not some food displays in one side of cafe and we had to press the bell if we need to call the waitress to our table. However, the atmosphere of both sides of Brownbag is dim with a yellow light surround. That made us feel comfortable to seat there and had some chit chats.

Some visitors came to this place for working or had dinner. And I think that only us who came to this place for having some fun with a loud voice but nobody care. That made us feel comfortable in here.

In terms of foods, as this cafe is not the big cafe, they didn’t sell cakes but foods with a few desserts. In the first minutes, we ordered a hot cappucino and a hot mocca as our first serve. I love the cappucino because the coffee taste is blended very well with the milk. I can say that the cappucino has the milky taste. I know that many people prefer to have a strong coffee taste instead of the milk taste as it becomes a weak coffee.

The next order was the Pauline’s Poffertjes. This is one of the dessert that they had. They served the Poffertjes with butter instead of the ice cream and the portion was too small for two persons. The taste was different with our expectations and also the portion was not enough for us. This is the best portion for one person.

Next, we ordered something more fattening as we needed that. We ordered the fried chicken with 6 pieces of small chicken. The taste was great. The chicken skin had the deep taste without the oily after taste but they have the oily taste inside the chicken. We could have this as the light dish or a side dish. The fried chicken was served with the tomato souce that made the taste of chicken is neutralized.

The last snack that we have ordered was the potato wedges. This was my favorite snack. I like the french fries but I like the potato wedges better because the taste of potato skin was very strong with delicious seasoning both in the skin and within. The portion was not big either and the taste was not too strong if comparing with other wedges that I tried previously.

Overall, I like Brownbag cafe for both the environment and also the food and beverages. We could sit there do some chats with the crowded street scenery for hours. Do you have any experiences in your favorite cafe?

Thanks for reading.

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