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Move to Other Country?

We, as a human, always wish to have a better life with a comfort environment, good people, better facilities from the Government, better education and health services and absolutely better life for ourselves and families. However, this won’t be easy to get the permanent resident (PR) visa and citizenship and it needs many efforts as each country have different regulation and needs. In some countries, they give PR visa easier than other countries. It is because they still need more residences to run their businesses to boost their economics. On the other hand, there will be some limitations in accepting the immigrant to entry to other countries as the population is already too crowded and the Government restrict to give the PR visa. There will be some challenges though if you decide to move to the city with high population. But, you never know what the result would be if you are not trying to get through.

There are some ways that you may try to get the PR visa and move to the dream coutry. I got this information by doing the survey and I will do this way for my future.


This will be the easier way to get the PR visa as long as you choose the required courses for the desired countries. In some countries, we required to get the degree in local university with at least two years course in IT, accounting, nursing and army to be able to apply for a permanent resident after graduating. There will be the process to give the temporary resident visa while waiting for PR visa to be published but you still be able to work. However, you can find in other countries, you are able to take a course for a minimum duration and get the working permit after graduating with the same duration with the course duration.

The benefit if you take the course for a specific period, you can adapt with the city you stay in. So, you can get the feeling whether you fit with the environment or not.

Get sponsor from companies

Another alternative would be get the sponsor from the company you work in. It will be possibe if the company has the head office or branch office in the country that you desire to stay in. If you are still applying for the job, it’d be better if you apply in the office that has the office that able to give the sponsor to get the working visa. In Australia, as the example, there are few companies can give the sponsor but they prefer to accept the applicants who already hold the permanent resident visa. However, don’t stop trying and keep applying for job.

Get the working holiday visa

This would be good if you can get this kind of visa. It means that you can get a job during holiday and it usually takes 1 year but I think this will be good to understand about the working culture before moving in. However, there will be the age restriction to apply for this visa that depends on each country’s requirements.

Put the money on investment

This will be the costly one to get the PR visa but it works. You can buy the apartment or house in the desired country or open the business in there, such as the restaurant, cafes or other things. Actually, I won’t do this as this is too costly for me.

By looking to those points, I prefer to study on the specific course, which is the IT course. Why? Because I love to study and get the more knowledges. And also I am able to do the networking in there. Therefore, study will be the best choice for me.

However, there will be some points that should be considered before deciding to move to other country. I, personally, look into these points as well. What are they?

  • Living cost — In most countries, there will be increasing in many aspects that can impact our daily operational costs, which are the accomodation rental cost, either apartment or housing, gas and electricity costs, telecommunication costs, and other payments.
  • Health insurance — You have to check the requirement to get the health insurance because not all people will get the health insurance. You have to hold a student visa, working visa, PR visa or a citizen to be able to get the health covered from the Government or from the company.
  • Working Part Time — This will be the most important point for me as I need the money for daily lives. However, there are only some visas that allow us to work with maximum hours. So, you better check the visa status and the requirements.

Do you have another input?

Thanks for reading.


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