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Have the Full Stomach in Chopstix

The taste of food sometimes is reflected by the restaurant’s atmosphere. Actually, this is my main factor to choose the right restaurant to have the best taste of food that I have ordered. It would be the best if the restaurant is clean, hygiene and not too crowded, which means that the restaurant should be re-presentable and it may affect the taste of food that we eat. We can see that a lot of people have different preference, which the taste of food stands first before the restaurant’s environment. It will be based on each people choices. I, personally, would say that the restaurant atmosphere and cleanliness will affect the people’s mood while eating. It can be seen from the trend of people prefer to go to restaurant or cafe to meet their business colleagues, families and friends. They will get the casual feeling during meeting. And the serious topic will be discussed in the relax atmosphere and come up with the best results.

My friend and I had dinner in Chopstix restaurant few days ago in Kemang area, Jakarta. It is the Chinese restaurant that offers variety of foods, drinks and snacks. The restaurant is not the big restaurant and it has around 15 long tables, which is neatly arranged. The restaurant is also very clean and re-presentable and it will be very enjoying to eat with families and friends. However, as this restaurant has a small to medium size, it won’t be convenient to conduct the meeting in here. The tables have arranged very close to each other. Therefore, it won’t be convenience to have the in-depth discussion or a serious talk in this restaurant.

Our first reason to choose Chopstix restaurant for our dinner was the fried chicken skin menu. My friend said that this dish is so great, especially in this restaurant and I decided to order one portion of it. Based on my experience, there are a lot of chefs cook the fried chicken skin with different way and they had different result as well, especially in terms of the taste. After I ate the fried chicken skin in Chopstix, I could say that the taste was so great! The food was not too oily and it was well-fried. It was very crispy. It served with a soy sauce in the separate small plate and this sauce made the taste is blended perfectly. This food can be eaten as a side dish but I ate it as a snack. I like it because it doesn’t have an oily or chicken after taste.

The Fried Chicken Skin

Beside the fried chicken skin, my friend ordered Sepang Char Kuey Teow. It was the fried kuey teow and we ate this as a main dish. The ingredients of this food were kuey teow, bean sprouts and two prawns. Yes, it was only two prawns but it was big enough for this portion. The taste was great but it was too oily for me. The oil taste was spread easily throughout my mouth and leave the after taste. Then, if you love the fried dish with a lot of oil ingredients within, this food will be the best choice. For me, it is a good dish for lunch instead of dinner though because it is just too heavy for my stomach.

Sepang Char Kuey Teow

After ate those kind of foods, I needed the drink to neutralized the oily taste. It means that I still can eat another foods after. I ordered a pot of hot Japanese tea. It was a raw tea that serves in the small pot with small serve glasses. The taste was very natural without any sugar ingredients. It really helped me to reduce the oily after taste and also made myself of not feeling stuffed. A lot of people this kind of tea, whether the Japanese tea or the Chinese tea is good for diet. However, I didn’t drink that for that purpose but to get the better feeling after drinking.

On the other hand, my friend ordered the Ice Milo for her drink. It was very good to refresh your throat after eating but I would say that it was too milky, especially after having a heavy meal.

Overall, I would say that this restaurant offer the great taste of food with the perfect single portion. However, it would be better if you choose another place for having the serious talk or the meeting. Do you want to share your experience in choosing the best restaurant? Do you choose the place environment at the first stage or the food taste?

Thanks for reading.

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