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A Month After Using Soothing Gel from the SAEM

Previously, I have reviewed the Jeju Fresh Aloe Shoothing Gel from the SAEM that can be reviewed in this LINK. That was my impression after using it in a few days. As I mentioned in my previous post, this shooting gel has numbers of benefits, which are to support in making the skin healthy and moisturized, soothing dry and irritated skin and give the skin some relaxations. After few days of applying this soothing gel throughout my face and body, I feel my skin fresh, healthy, moisturized, ready to absorb for the next treatment, and I was very happy to have a very soft and smooth skin. And I kept continue of using this after applying the face toner.

During the application within a month, sometimes I used it as the replacement of a body lotion for my body. However, it came out with the result that different with my expectation. My skin doesn’t well-moisturized and get dry after 5 minutes of application. I feel my body skin is very dry and itchy. Therefore, I prefer to use the body lotion instead of the soothing gel for my body as my skin needs the moisturizer that contains in the body lotion more than in the soothing gel. However, I find that this soothing gel doesn’t effect much in my facial skin either. Absolutely, I can get the freshness from it, but I can’t feel that I get more than that. I use it after applying the toner and before put the facial essence on. Therefore, I think that I gather more moisturizer from the toner, essence and serum than from the soothing gel.

Therefore, I have decided that for my next purchase, I won’t buy this soothing gel anymore because there is already too much skincares that I have applied throughout my face. And I didn’t get many benefits from this soothing gel either.

Do you have any input relate to the soothing gel?

Thanks for reading!

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