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How to get a Glowing Skin by Studio Fix from MAC Cosmetic

As a woman, we always want to have the perfect skin with a glowing effect without a heavy makeup required. To get that wish, many women do the skincare routine every day, every night and in a periodical time. Fantastically, some of them do the facial surgery, whether it is categorized within a small or big surgery.  I, personally, dream to have a natural glowing skin without any surgeries. Apart from the skincare routine, I always depend on the compact powder as one of the cosmetic products that I really rely on and I always bring it in my makeup pouch.

However, it won’t be easy to get the right face powder to have the look based on  the expectation or as the brand promise. I tried various compact powder from different brands and each of them have different ingredients. As my face is very sensitive, I irritate easily if the ingredient is too heavy to my skin. Based on my experience, there are some effects that I had when I tried various powders.

  • If the powder is too light without the foundation within, it won’t cover the uneven facial texture or it cover it but it won’t stay long. It means that I have to do touch up every 2 or 3 hours to get the perfect look. The other solution would be the need of  liquid foundation before applying the powder as the base for covering the uneven texture of the skin. The layers will make the makeup is very heavy for my skin and it also makes my skin cannot breath.
  • There are some powders that able to cover the uneven skin texture instantly but those powders give the matte effect instead of the glowing effect. I like this kind of powder because my skin looks very natural and I only do the makeup touch up very rarely.
  • Some of the powders give the uneven stains in my facial skin and I have to give some shadings under the powder to give the sharp look. It is very complicated though as it needs more time to hide the stains.

Studio Fix by MAC Cosmetic

After experiencing with various compact powders, now I am in love with Studio Fix powder from MAC Cosmetic. The ingredients are not too heavy for my skin and it brighter my skin naturally. I used this powder every day and I really satisfy of using it. I will give you some information based on my experience in using this Studio Fix powder.

  • Tone Color: The code number is NC30. I prefer to have this color. It is the medium color tone, which is not too bright and also not too dark and it is really match with my skin tone. At first, I thought this tone is too bright for me but after applying in my skin, it gives the bright and glowing effects.
  • Packaging: I really love the packaging of MAC Cosmetic, especially the compact powder. It is really a simple packaging with a majority of black color and it also gives the elegant look. The packaging material is made from a medium to thick material and it produced as a high quality packaging. The other thing that I love about this packaging is the two layers that build-in inside. It means that there are the separation between the place for the powder and the sponge. The sponge is allocated under the powder and it can keep the sponge clean after use.
  • How do I use itI use this powder after applying the BB cream with a sponge given. Actually, I used to use the facial brush every time I applying the powder. Because it will give the natural look. However, I prefer to use the sponge to apply the Studio Fix by tapping the powder throughout my face because it will give matte look after application and the glowing effect will come out after 3 hours usage. I have tried to use the facial brush previously, but it only give the matte look and it doesn’t have the glowing effect.
  • After Use: As I mention above, I have two results after applying the Studio Fix, which are the matte look and the glowing effect. The powder stay in my face for the whole day and I only do the touch up after washing my face at 2pm and 4pm every day. However, it is not the heavy touch up though.
  • Price: IDR 500,000 per package (Around U$ 50). It is very expensive just for the powder but it stays longer if comparing with other powder.
  • Next Purchase: I really satisfy with this powder and I will buy the next package after finishing the first package.

Do you think that we need to apply the MAC Foundation before applying the Studio Fix to get the better look?

Thanks for reading!

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