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A Unique Natural Color by MAC Lipstic

Natural color is the best color, especially for a lipstick color. Why? Because it might look like a ‘no makeup look’ and the whole face will shine naturally. The nude color is my favorite color, eventhough I supposed to put the bright color instead as I have the Cool Underskin Tone. I prefer to wear the nude color in the day time and the bright color for the night time. Those colors will give the different look for my face. And I really love to experience with colors. Sometimes, I put the pale color and I have a sick look at the end.

There are some challenges that I face while choosing the nude or natural color. The color might look like similar or too pale. We can’t see the color only by looking at the physical color or trying the color in the back of your arm. Because the different skin texture will have a different color as the result. The only way to pick the match color with a facial skin is to try it on your lip. It will be the best way to do and it will reduce the expenses to buy a lipstick as you chose the right color straight away.

All brands offer variety of lipstick colors. Many of them are unique and attractive. However, there are only few shades within one color tone. After searching and trying numbers of lipstick brand, I find MAC Cosmetics have almost complete shades for the lipstick. I really love the color and some of them are only can be found in MAC. It has the exclusivitiy.


I really like the packaging of all products of MAC Cosmetics because it is very simple and ellegant. For the lipstick, the packaging is bandaged with black color with a single name of the brand. There are a silver line in between. It is so simple and less colors are bandaged. The lipstick cover is also very tight and it will be less opportunity to open the cover accidently while putting in the bag. The size is also compact enough and it can easily to put in the bag without being in a makeup pouch.


I choose the nude color with the number of 37 (Matte Velvet Teddy). It is actually a very natural color and it becomes pale when it gets into my skin. It is because my skin tone is too dark to be combined with the light nude color. Sometimes, I used to combine it with a pink color to get more lively color.


The texture is soft but it will get the uneven texture after 4 -5 hours usage and the color will fade. Therefore, I have to re-apply the lipstick 2 to 3 times everyday. Actually, I prefer to use the lip cream instead because the color will be more steady whole day and I don’t have to re-apply during the day.

Next Purchase?

I absolutely will buy MAC lipstick but in different color. I love the soft feeling and texture, eventhough I have to re-apply every 4 hours. And I still curious with the color that match with my skin.

What lipstick color from MAC Cosmetics that will match with the dark skin tone?

Thanks for reading.


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