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My Daily Perfume Stick by Zara

A fragrance is always be the one of tools for women in showering our aura everyday. The perfume is varies based on people personality, mood and also depend on the events. If we want to express the happy feeling during the day, as the example, we prefer to have the fresh perfume. However, we prefer to have the calm scent, if we want to have dinner or having the event after 6pm. The fragrance will also be able to reduce our fatigue while working or traveling and also can change our mood for a better feeling. It means that it has the powerful thing for a better feeling.

In terms of the fragrance, I prefer to spray my whole body with a body spray. One of the reason is the freshness. I like to feel the liquid of the spray as it will absorbed into my skin. I used to spray it after shower in the morning and also in the middle of the day as I live in the tropical country, which I need to refresh my body periodically. For the scent, I like the sweet scent like a candy.

However, it will be heavy if I have to bring the body spray in my bag everyday. I prefer to put the spray in the small container or I just bring the fragrance in the simple package, such as Eau de Toilette by Zara. I bought this perfume in two types of packaging, which are in the spray bottle form and in the roll on form. I ran out the spray form already as I really like the smell of this perfume. It was not sweet though, but it has a calm scent instead. But I love it! I used to spray it for working purposes as I thought it has a very professional scent. Currently, I stilll have the roll on package of 10 ml and I always bring it everywhere I go. The bottle is very tiny and cute, which makes me easy to put in the bag. The scent is exactly the same with the spray one but different application.

In the roll on form, we spread the liquid in our wrist and neck by using the roll. The perfume is very easy to come out and it also had the strong scent like the spray form. The thing that I like about this kind of packaging would be the less chance of splitting out the liquid from the bottle. Because the roll on lid is sticked in the bottle very strong. In terms of the scent endurance, the scent doesn’t stay long as the spray form do. I have to re-apply it every 1-2 hours for the strength of perfume longevity. But it is fine with me as the easiness of the application.

Which is the types of perfume you prefer to bring during the day, the eau de toilette or the body spray?

Thanks for reading.


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