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Shape Your Face Naturally by Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

Reassert the face is one of the things that require in applying daily makeup. It will make the face has a good shape and it also can support the look of other makeup application, such as blush on, bb cream, face powder and others. Sometimes, I feel that by shading my face, my face look fresh and has a tidy look. However, if the shade is too strong, the face will look too fake and it looks like a mannequin.

For daily use, I used to apply A Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder from Catrice. It has a very natural shade and the texture is very smooth. It can blend well with the BB cream and my powder. While applying the bronzer in the first layer, the color won’t appear easily. I used to apply 2 to 3 layers in my cheekbones, jawlines, forehead and the sides of the nose after applying the powder. The, I continue with blending it over with my brush. The color will spread through all over my face naturally and give the glowing effect as well. I prefer to use this bronzer for working as it won’t give the shocking look but natural instead.

For the night look, I use face contour to reinforce the face. Because, the color that is resulted from the bronzer won’t appear well at night and it makes my face looks too pale.

I use the brown color of the bronzer that is purposed for the medium skin. I like this color because it is a brown color while applying but it becomes a light maroon color after 5 minutes of application. As it doesn’t come out with the brush, I use a small Body Shop brush for application. I think this is the perfect size for shading as it is not too big and also it is not too small either.

The only thing that I don’t like is the packaging. It made from a plastick with a transparant look. I don’t like the plastick quality as it is too think and less proper to save makeup from the air. And it also doesn’t have the brush in the package. It means that I have to provide a single brush for the application. The packaging size is fine with me. It has a compact shape and easy to put into my makeup pouch.

Overall, I like this bronzer for the natural daily look. And it also easy to get from the drug store with a cheap price.

Do you prefer to use the bronzer or the countour to shape your look?

Thanks for reading.

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