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Get Glowing with Rice Water Bright from the Face Shop

It is a dream to get a glowing skin only from the cleansing product. It will reduce the usage of the skincare products to be absorbed into the skin everyday, in order to get the glowing effect. However, there are only few cleansing products offering the essential that can make your skin glowing as well as clean. Basically, the cleanser is only used to clean all makeup that are being used for the whole day. And it is continued with face toner, serum, essence and other skincare products to get the maximal result. It will be great if the cleansing product can provide the elements that can support the skin in getting glowed.

Actually, I reviewed about this product last month in this LINK and I want to give the update information about it after years of usage. It is the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream from the Face Shop. This is my favorite cleanser that I used every morning and night. The strange thing is this cleansing cream is supposed to be used for people who have a dry to very dry skin because it claim to give ultra moisturizing and enriched with rice water. In fact, I have normal to oily skin and also very sensitive but it is able to absorbed into my skin very well. The texture is very soft and creamy. When I apply this cream throughout my skin, my skin feels very slick and I often do the massage while cleansing. It can also remove dirts about 70 to 80% and I still have to re-cleanse with cleansing water to get 100% cleaned skin. However, I used this cleansing cream is not only to remove makeup but also to clean the skin after using any kind of cream.

My Tips and Experiences

Get Glowing VS Get Too Oily

As my hobby is to apply a lot of the cleansing cream throughout my face and also do the massage, it will make my skin get glowed after cleansing. It means that my skin doesn’t only clean, moisturized but also has glowing effect before using other skincare products. It will be great if it is applied for about 2 minutes and remove the dirts with cotton.

The Tips: The amount of the cream should be in proper amount unless it will give the “too oily” effect instead of glowing. This was what happened to me. I put too much cream while cleansing and do the massaging for about 2 – 3 minutes with a hope to get the glowing skin with the perfect texture. However, the result that I get was I can call my face as a very oily face instead of the glowing face.

Be Hygienist

This cleansing cream doesn’t come with a spatula to get the cream from the packaging and apply it in my skin. Therefore, we use our finger instead to get the cream and rub throughout my skin. For me, I am not comfort with this style of cleansing because the dirts that come from my finger will stay in the cream that is left behind. And the whole cream won’t be hygienic.

The Tips: I am typical person to use spatula or any kind of applicator to do the skincare routine as it takes too much effort in only few minutes. The thing that I used is using my very-cleaned finger to get the cream out and rub the cream throughout my face. I used to clean my hand with water and continued with the cleansing wipes. So, I am very sure that my finger is already hygiene. We also can measure the amount of the cream perfectly if using finger if comparing by using spatula.

The cleansing activity is very important, especially to get the healthy skin and save from any kind of dirts. By doing cleansing, we ensure that our skin is ready to receive any skincare routine with maximum results. However, the glowing skin effect and any other positive effect will be the additional points that every women want.

What are the benefit that you wish from the cleansing product instead of cleansing only?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Niken. Hope everything is going well? I must have miss your last post on this product. I don’t recall hearing about it. It seems pretty good but don’t think we can get it in Canada. Unfortunately. Nice reading you. -Dominique


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