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Get Your Look by Super BB Cushion from Maybelline


How to look perfect by using less cosmetics for daily usage?

The uneven skin texture, pimples and imperfect skin tone are the factors that most women concern, in order to have the perfect look everyday. A lot of skincare products and cosmetics are claim to reduce those imperfections by improving the skin condition or just cover them. However, the product that give a promise to give a high coverage for the skin usually contain too much ingredients and it make the product too heavy for the skin. Therefore, we have to be smart in choosing the right skincare products and cosmetics to avoid the skin irritation.

In order to cover the imperfection in my skin, I used to apply some cosmetics alternately for the daily base. Actually, I don’t like to use a foundation to often as it is able to close the skin pores. Therefore, I used the combination of a moisturizer and a foundation for few days if my skin texture / tone becomes uneven and I need to cover them heavily. On the other day, I just use the BB Cream or BB Cushion for the light makeup application.  By combining those usage methods, I am very sure that my skin will be well-breathe because my pores will be breathe very well.

Super BB Cushion

Previously, I used ClearSmooth All In One BB from Maybelline, you can check my review on this product from this LINK. It was the beginner version of BB Cream and I like that product so much. I used the natural shade (No. 2) and the color can be blended well with other makeup products and cosmetics. After I finish with that ClearSmooth BB Cream, I try the Super BB Cushion – Fresh Matte, also from Maybelline.  I think this is not the new product from Maybelline, but I just try this out. It is the 1st BB matte cushion from this brand and it claims to mattifying high coverage as well as to make the skin fresh and hydrating. I like this BB Cushion so much. It is not heavy at all but it cover my uneven skin texture very well. It also able to blend perfectly with my face powder. 

Packaging — I really love the packaging. It is so simple but elegant with two combination colors, which are a sparkling green and a white colors. The packaging material is made from a high quality of plastick and it has two storeys within, which are the cushion at the bottom location and a sponge on the top. And it is separated with a cute separator. It also come with a mirror.

How To Use? — The application is so simple. I just press the cushion to get the formula out with the sponge that is provided in the packaging. The BB Cream texture is very smooth but solid that made the formula easy to get out only by pressing the cushion.  Then, I continue with do some tapping motion through out my face and blend it out.

After Use Effect —  After applying this BB Cream, my face will look too oily after a minute of application. I was a bit shocking at first but I decided to leave it for about 5 minutes before applying the face powder. And that is true, my face has the glowing effect after minutes of waiting and my powder is blended well with it. The coverage is also perfect and it still has the natural look without a look of having a heavy makeup.

Price — The price is about IDR 250,000 per package or about U$ 25.

My opinion about Super BB Cushion – Fresh Matte — This product has a very amazing texture and formula that give my skin a high coverage in a light formula within. I will definitely repurchase this brand.

 Do you prefer to use a foundation or BB Cream? Why?

Thanks for reading.

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