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Keep Fresh by BEIB!

How to save your time to do thousand steps of the regular skincare treatment?

In doing the skincare treatment, sometimes we need more than 1 hour for daily treatment and about 3 hours for the weekly base. It is so tiring but this is a must thing to do to get a healthy and moisturized skin. We don’t want our skin looks dull, but the bright skin instead. Therefore, the skincare treatment schedule will be planned naturally in our head and we are happily spare our times to get the brighter and youth skin. It works when we stay in our city as we have more time to do this. However, it is gonna be the challenging thing to do when we travel as we don’t have much time to do the skincare treatment and we prefer to travel as many as possible. And we don’t want to fill our suitcases with numbers of skincare products. Then, we have to choose a smart way to do the treatment and absolutely choosing the right product that can reduce the time for regular skincare treatment.


The Beauty Water

This kind of special water is really booming at the moment especially with the hype of Korean cosmetics and skincare. Every brand offers different benefits for different skin types and also various way to apply it. The Beauty Water is one of the special water that I was curious when I heard the words. I knew that this product is functioned as one of the skincare treatment, but how it is differentiated with other skincare products? The Beauty Water is aqua-based liquid that is purposed to hydrate skin and as a preparation stage for next treatment, which are applying face serum, moisturizer, foundation, BB cream, and other makeup products. Some Beauty Water brands offer the ingredients that are able to brighten the skin and also have a toning qualities.

I, personally, confuse how to use this beauty water, toner, micellar water and essence within my skincare routine. Each product has different function, which will give different benefit for skin.

  • Hydrating Toner: It is purposed to hydrate the skin and prepare for the next treatment.
  • Essence: It is able to give the nutrition to the skin and it is also can make the skin look brighter.
  • Micellar Water: It is for a cleaning purpose that remove dirt and makeup.

Actually, I use all the products for the daily treatment and the beauty water is one of my favorite skincare product during my activities.

BEIB Beauty Water

I used to bring the Beauty Water in my bag for work as well as during traveling to keep my skin be hydrated during activities. BEIB Beauty water is one of my favorite beauty water brand. It contains the Kangen Water as a main ingredient.

Packaging – In the form of spray bottle (100 ml), I am able to bring BEIB in my bag without worry about the liquid be spilled out from the bottle. The spray itself is covered with a medium thickness of a plastic cover. It is the perfect size to bring in my luggage during traveling.


How do I use BEIB?

  • I used to spray BEIB while doing my activity to refresh my skin and keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. I prefer to spray BEIB after I put my makeup on to avoid the thickness feeling of putting the makeup throughout my face. It won’t fade makeup though.
  • When I felt lazy to do all steps of my skincare treatment, I reduced the amount of skincare products to be applied throughout my skin and replace them with BEIB. As the example, after cleansing my face with the cleansing cream and foam, I continued with rub my face with hydrating toner and finish it with BEIB. I felt my skin very hydrated and moisturized, and when I looked into the mirror, my skin looked brighter. Therefore, I have no hesitation of replacing some of my skincare products with BEIB to have the same result as my expectation.
  • I also spray BEIB on all over my hair. My hair is really dry and sometimes it becomes dry and stiff. I have no confident to go out with my hair performance. The solution that I used to take is to tie my hair. But it will damage the hair texture. Then, I tried to spray my hair with BEIB and organize it. Surprisingly, my hair feels less dry and it looks like my hair perform well for working.

After Use Effect – As I mentioned before, after spraying BEIB, I felt my skin very moisturized and even brighter with less effort to do the skincare treatment. Therefore, I will have less time to have the healthy skin.

Next Purchase – I definitely repurchase BEIB Beauty Water as I really satisfy with the result.

Where to get BEIB Beauty Water? —- You may check their Instagram at @beib.beautywater to see the testimonial as well as how to order BEIB.

Tell me your favorite brand of BEAUTY WATER.

Thanks for reading!

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