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Eye and Lip Make Up Remover. Yes or No?

Cleansing product is always needed to remove makeup all over our face including eyes and lip. Why? One of the reason is we don’t want the chemical ingredients that are contained in most cosmetic products stay in our face for more than 12 hours. Those will close the skin pores and the skin becomes unhealthy. We just want to keep our facial skin healthy and the skin can breath easily, especially at night. However, sometimes we just focus on how to remove the makeup in the facial skin and eyes. And also on how to make our skin clean enough, which ready to start the next skin treatment. Sometimes, we forget that removing the eye makeups and lipstick have same portion of the importance as cleansing the facial skin.

I always use different cleansers to remove makeup in my face and eyes/lips. I feel that there will be different formula to clean eyes and lips as those areas are very sensitive and easy to irritate if the cleanser doesn’t proper for those areas. I have tried many different lip and eye remover from any skincare brands. Most of them promise to clean these areas properly with keeping the skin healthy. This is my first time to use the Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover from The Face Shop. I already use the Rice Water Bright series from this brand and I love the effect on my skin. Overall, the extract will moisturized my skin with the glowing effect. However, I am not expecting that my eyes and lips will get glowing effect though. I just want to keep these areas keep moisturized and healthy. By knowing the effect of the Rice Water Bright Series, it would make so confidence to try the makeup remover.

First Impression

When I saw this remover in the display rack, it looks like the milky cleanser with two layers that should be shaken before use to mix the liquid’s ingredients. When I tried to shake the bottle, the liquid looks very soft that similar with water but not too fluid. The cute bottle was also distract my view as a 120 ml size of thick transparant bottle is covered with the unique shape of a black lid.

What does this product claim?

As stated in the bottle, this product is a gentle makeup remover with Rice Extract. It is able to removes makeup gently from the eyes and lips. It is also leaves skin feeling moisturized.

Product Texture

The texture of the remover is very soft and gentle. When I put the liquid in my palm, it feels the light creamy liquid with a light extract within.

How to use?

It is better to shake the bottle before use to ensure that all extracts are mixed perfectly before use. Because, as it seen from the outside of the bottle, there are two layers, which are the transparant liquid and the milky one. I used to put the sufficient amount of the remover in the cotton pad then tap and press it on the eyes and lips areas for seconds. After that, I just wipe the cotton pad off very gently to remove the makeup.

What is the fact?

I always used this makeup remover to clean my eyes and lip every morning and night. This is just my habit to clean in the morning to ensure that my skin is clean enough from the dirt of my night cream and other skincare products that I applied every night. The fact would be the thicker your makeup, the harder effort you will need to remove it. I press the cotton pad on my eyes and lip areas as the instruction said in the packaging for couple of seconds. Then, I continue by wiping off the makeup gently. However, my makeup didn’t remove in the first effort. It means that I have to wipe it off many times with some energy by pressing the cotton pad. It made my eyes area feels a bit irritate and when I put too much extract in the cotton pad, my eyes will feel sore. The good thing is the eye and lip makeup are removed well and the areas are keep moisturized and hydrated.


The packaging is very simple. It is made from the medium thickness of transparent plastic bottle with a round shape. It is very simple shape, which make it look elegant. This shape is very easy to be allocated in the hand carry or even in the suitcase. It won’t spent the place too much. It has a thick black cover that close the lid very tight. Therefore, there will be less change of the liquid will be spilled out from the packaging. I, personally, like the lid inside the black cover. It has the hole in between and it made the liquid easy to come out without any efforts.

Is it an economist product?

This eye and lip makeup remover is very economist. I used to use this twice a day and it will be run out around 2 months. I understand that the price is a bit pricey but it is make sense if we remember about the length of the product itself.

Next Purchase

I like this product so much as it will give my eyes and lip areas moisturizer, but I prefer to buy the other product for the next purchase. Why? Because with the price around IDR 80,000 per bottle or it is around U$ 8, I think the price is too much for only the eye and lip makeup remover. However, the product quality itself is great and full of satisfaction.

Do you have any stories about the eye and lip make up remover that you always use everyday?

Thank you for reading!






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