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How to get the Right Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

In order to have a healthy skin, keeping your skin moisturized 24/7 is very important. It will works for the facial skin and also for the body skin. By being moisturized, the skin won’t be happened too dry and the healthy skin will absorb the next skin treatment more proper.

For the facial skin, using the moisturizer is one of the ways to moisturize the skin. We know about this since we were teenager. Parents, especially, mom always said that we should not forget to put the moisturizer on before applying other makeup. It can be used as a makeup-base and ensure that our skin is healthy enough before makeup. Therefore, I used to do the simple steps to apply makeup since the teenager, which were applying sunblock, moisturizer, foundation, face powder and a lipstick. Those steps worked perfectly for me as I was still 15 years old. As my age goes, I absolutely need skincare treatment as well as makeup to protect my skin from damage and also some products contain anti-aging ingredients. However, I still use the moisturizer as part of the makeup application and it won’t be deleted from my routine.

In current days, most of cosmetic brands produced variety of moisturizers that serve for different skin types, which are for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin until for sensitive skin. Some BB cream and CC cream products also contains few percentages of moisturizer ingredients, so we are able to use just the BB cream or CC cream without moisturizer. For me, I still use the moisturizer as a single product as I really need the whole ingredients that contain in it to treat my skin well. I use the BB cream, BB cushion or CC cream, and I use the moisturizer as a base before applying them. And I feel my skin very safe from any damages.

Actually, I don’t like to apply a very heavy makeup for my daily use. I feel the makeup will close my skin pores and it will attract acnes to appear. This is my steps to apply my daily makeup, which start from the skincare application:

  1. Wipe the Hydrating Toner throughout the face with cotton face. This would be great to ensure that our facial skin is clean enough to accept for further skincare treatment.
  2. Applying the Shooting Gel (Wait for about 1 -2 minutes after the gel is absorbed into the skin).
  3. After the shooting gel is absorbed into the skin, I continue to apply the Facial Essence by massaging the skin then tap it. It is to ensure that the extract also will absorb into the skin.
  4. The Facial Serum is being continued for my further application. I can’t missed this step, because the serum that I used able to make my skin look even.
  5. Applying a thin layer of the Facial Moisturizer. (Tips: To avoid a very oily looking skin after applying the moisturizer, it is better to wait for about 2 – 3 minutes for continuing the next application. It is functioned to ensure that our facial skin is already dry enough without leaving the oily effect.
  6. Then, I continue with a Foundation application by beauty blender.
  7. After that I continue with a Face Powder application. Sometimes, I used brush or just using a sponge provided that depends on the finishing look that I desired to.

Those are the main steps that I used to apply everyday, besides adding some colors in lipstick, blush on, eyebrow, shading, and other supporting makeup tones to make the face more lively and fresh.

My Favorite Moisturizer

Actually, my skin is very sensitive. It will get irritated easily if I use the skincare or makeup with heavy ingredients. Therefore, I have to be selective in choosing the right products that contain lightweight ingredients but have a great impact on my skin. It’s gonna be challenging for me and even hard. I have tried many moisturizer brands from Local and International brands. Some of them appropriate for my skin but it only works on one or two bottles. On the third and subsequent bottles, my skin became irritated and acne sprung. Then, I had to change the brand.


When I traveled to Melbourne, I went to Priceline store and my eyes get distracted with the moisturizer for sensitive skin. It is actually hard to get the skincare product that dedicated for the sensitive skin. It is called an Oil-Free Moisture from Neutrogena. It is a ultra gentle facial moisturizer by Johnson & Johnson Pacific. This is my fourth bottle as it will run out after a year usage for each bottle. And I personally love this moisturizer so much and I will share my experience of using this product for years.

What does it claim?

This moisturizer is effective mosturisation that are lightweight, non-greasy, water-based lotion and it helps to reduce dryness without leaving skin greasy or shiny. It is an ideal product for sensitive skin as it contains lightweight, ultra-gentle and irritant-free moisturizer, which is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It also contains no fragrances, dyes or drying alcohol. And the oil-free formula also won’t clog pores.


The bottle is made from a solid of plastic, which is strong enough to be allocated in the suitcase during traveling. The plastic won’t easily squeeze as it is thick enough and it won’t spill out from the bottle. The other reason why the lotion won’t be spilled out is the packaging comes out with the pump. The unique thing is I have to rotate the pump to the right to lock off the pump and turn it to the opposite direction to lock it on. Therefore, the packaging will be safe enough if we want to bring it during the day or for the traveling purpose.


Packaging Size

The size of the bottle is 118 ml. I know that it would be hard if you want to bring this moisturizer on the cabin as the minimum liquid would be 100 ml. Therefore, I used to put this moisturizer in the small container if I want to bring it for traveling but I keep worry if the lotion will be spilled out from the container.

Product Texture

The moisturizer has a very strong white color and when I put throughout my facial skin on the first layer, I will feel a bit solid texture. However, after I rub the moisturizer, the moisturizer can be absorbed into the skin and the skin has moisturized after a 20 seconds of rubbing. I like the fresh feeling of my skin after the application because this moisturizer is a water-based lotion and it will hydrate the skin automatically.

How to Use

I used to use the moisturizer after applying the facial serum and continue it by applying the BB cream or foundation. And sometimes, I just use it alone if I decided to stay at home. For this Neutrogena facial moisturizer, I just use 1 pump and apply the moisturizer all over my face and neck by hand.

After Use Effect

As I mention above, my skin feel fresh and well-hydrated as well as moisturized. However, after the application, I usually have the oily effect and I decided to leave the moisturizer on my skin for about 2 – 3 minutes after it is well-absorbed into my skin. Then, further makeup application will have even texture on my facial skin.

Next Purchase

I will definitely purchase this moisturizer when I travel to Australia or Singapore, as the price in Indonesia will be more expensive than in Australia or Singapore. I really love this product and it is a very lightweight moisturizer that is suitable for my sensitive skin.

Tell me your favorite daily moisturizer

Thanks for reading!


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