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A Night Skincare Treatment is Important OR NOT?

In order to have the facial skin keep healthy, we should never say no for the night skincare treatment even-though we are tired or just lazy to do it. So, we need to do the skincare treatment 24 hours in 7 days without any off time.

As we live in the busy city with lots of daily activity, we sometimes do our routine everyday automatically, such as go to school or university, go for working and other things that need our time consuming. We do not realize that we spent our time all day every day, every week and even every month. Sometimes, we also have less sleep to finish our working or university tasks. The other thing that we never concern during do those activity would be our skin condition. Our skin continually face air pollution from any sources, tobacco, UV and also facing the stress moment. Therefore, we need to treat our skin during the daytime and also at night. The skincare night treatment would be very lazy thing to do as we are already feel too tired finishing our daily activities and we just need to go to sleep straight away after arriving home. We just don’t want to spend another 15 minutes to do the skincare treatment. Those thing are the false decision ever! We don’t feel anything if we skip moisturizing our skin at night for the short period. If we have the enough sleep everyday without attaching with cigarettes, eating healthy foods and having a young age, we are gonna be fine if we skip the night care treatment. I saw the article about the Importance of Your night Skin Care Routine, and I realize the importance of doing the skincare in every minutes. Thank God I keep the routine as my daily base.



These are some reasons that we need the night skin care:

  • Our skin loses water throughout day and night and we need to keep our skin be hydrated to get the smoothness and softness back. That’s why we need to apply a hydrating and nourishing night cream. (My Experience: If I apply the night cream before sleep together with facial toner, essence and serum in advance, I feel my skin very soft and chewy. I also feel that my skin is already recovered from any external factor that can damage the skin condition by doing the proper treatment at night).
  • In order to avoid a dull complexion of the skin, dehydrated skin, wrinkles, spots and red patches, we need to apply the night cream to recover the skin. Those condition can be gathered from the daily situation that we face, such as stress feeling, air pollution, tobacco, UV and other factors. (My Experience: I never realize the effect of wrinkles or any spots disappearances, but as I mention above that I feel my facial skin is already recovered and I get my healthy skin back).
  • A glowing complexion? — As stated in the article, that one of a night-time phenomenon is cell renewal, especially between 1 am and 3 am. Therefore, we need to select the products for our night skincare routine that contain powerful active ingredients. (My Experience: Based on my experience, if we choose the proper product for our skincare, especially for brighter the skin or to make our skin glowing as well as to make the anti-aging works properly, the effect will be effective if we apply the products at night. Because, our skin will take a breath at night with resting and less pollution engagement). 
  • As a summary, whatever the products you chose for the skincare routine, whether those are the facial toner, essence, serum, mask, night cream, eye cream and other things, as long as those products are suitable for your skin, it will have the effect as the expectation.

I really love to do the skincare routine day and night and it will take me about 30 minutes for each treatment series. If I skip one application, I feel that my skin will lose the vitamin that it supposed to be consumed. What are the steps that I used to apply for my night skincare routine?

  1. Cleansing my face with the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream from the Face Shop with cotton pad as the first stage to remove all dirts and makeups on my face. By cleansing with this cream, the extract within can help to moisturized my skin and make my skin get glowed.
  2. Cleansing my lipstick with Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover from The Face Shop.
  3. To ensure that my makeup and all dirts are already removed from my facial skin, I continue by doing a double cleansing with PALMER’S and PONDS. I feel like my is cleaned enough and brighter.
  4. I continue to apply the facial toner to ensure that my face is already clean and ready to accept my next skincare treatment. I had review about the toner in this LINK.
  5. I apply the Pure White Brightening Essence from the SAEM.
  6. I continue to apply facial serum from the Face Shop. I used the Signature product but as it is being discontinued from the store, then I change to other serum product but still from the Face Shop.
  7. Applying the eye cream would be my next step. I will review about the eye cream that I used in my next blog post.
  8. And the end would be my night cream. This also will be posted on my next text.

By applying those skincare routine, I feel my skin healthy enough and I won’t afraid that I will have the flabby skin.

Can you share your night care routine?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your post! I do find skincare super important particularly at night. It really does make a big difference with persistence. I recently wrote a post about my routine if you’re interested. Would definitely recommend a peeling mask for skin renewal. ☺️


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