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A Handmade Facial Mask from The Therapy

Most women wish to have moisturized and healthy skin every day and even every second. We wish to have the glowing skin that is showered naturally even-though we are only applying less makeup. This would be one of the reason why we apply a variety of skincare products for our skincare routine. However, the healthy, moisturized and glowing skins do not appear in the count of a second, a minute or even a week. It would need the process for some period and the effect will stay longer if we use the suitable skincare product. The natural or handmade skincare products will have the better effect than the products that contain many chemical ingredients.

The facial mask would be one of the skincare products that can help the skin look fresh and feel very moisturize and healthy. There are many types of facial mask that we can choose, which depend on our skin types and also our preferable. As the example, I prefer to use the facial sheet mask during traveling with the reason of the flexibility and it would be easy to put in my luggage. The facial sheet mask that I used to use is from the SAEM brand that is called Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail.  I like the result of this sheet mask as my facial skin look brighter, mosturized and fresh. As the traveling purpose is to explore many places in any weather, it means that I will need that kind of mask.

On the other hand, when I am not traveling, I prefer to apply the Wash – Off Type mask. There are no specific reason but this is only my skincare routine habit. I found the handmade mask from the Face Shop, which is in the Therapy product range. The exact name would be The Therapy Secret-Made Moisturizing and Shooting Facial Mask. The first reason why I want to try this type of mask is because it is handmade.

As it is stated in the box, Moisture-intensive mask contains rose petals to soothe and provide rich moisture to the skin. 

What this product claim?

The description in the packaging box said that this products will have the following points:

  • Rich, moisture-intensive mask featuring natural rose petal extract for a refreshing, soothing effect and moisturized feel with a soft rose scent upon application.
  • Flower petals in moisture jelly moisturize skin/
  • Handmade moisture blending formula from Le Marche Italy. It is formulated with highly nourishing Oat, Lavender Flower, Wild Rose and Sweet Basil blended carefully by hand over a period of 6 weeks.

After reading through the descriptions, I really want to try this product and can’t wait for the result in my skin. And I did!

The Unique Packaging as well as ELEGANT Form of Bottle

The packaging itself is very unique as it is made from the metal material. I think there are only few skincare products that use this kind of material. However, it is not the ideal packaging for traveling, because the weight is heavy even-though you only bring this product by itself. You have to put the mask in the smaller container if you decide to bring the mask for traveling. This 120 ml bottle has the plastic lid under the main cover, which is also made from the metal material. The plastic lid will prevent the mask from spill out from the packaging. However, the plastic lid sometimes stick in the main cover and it made the mask becomes untidy in the surround package. In terms of the packaging set, it comes with a small plastic spatula to take the mask from the bottle and it will be hygienic because our hand will not touch the mask.

The Mask Texture

Before talking about the texture, I’d like to tell you about the smell of the product. It has the unique scent that I couldn’t tell about it specifically. Overall, it has the rose scent and it is a very soft scent. Therefore, I will inhale the scent during mask application and I will feel relax while waiting for the mask until dry. This mask also has a very unique texture, which is the jelly form of texture. In the transparent texture, it has some particles that can be blended perfectly during the application.

How to Use?

As it has the jelly texture, I just apply the mask all over my face in a very thin layer to avoid the oily effect throughout my facial skin. Leave the mask for 10 minute and continue by washing with lukewarm water. And I used to apply the mask every Sunday with the complete range of my weekly skincare treatment routine.

After Use Effect

As I expected, I want to have a very moisturized skin after applying this mask. And the real result would be my skin feel very chewy and moisturized.


In your opinion, what type of mask that you prefer to use for your daily skincare routine and also for your weekly treatment? 

Thanks for reading.


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