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The Message from Coco Movie

What do you think about the meaning of the family? For me, they always be there for better or worst. Eventhough they have different way of thinking, they absolutely always want see you at above the line of success.

Actually, my blog mostly talks about beauty, traveling and a lifestyle. Those are my passions and I always want to share to you about my experiences on those. However, this post is gonna be different. I’d like to review the wonderful movie that I just saw it in the cinema recently. It’s COCO movie. I know that this review deviate from my blog concept, but I really want to share the story about this movie as it gives me lots of motivation to face life in sadness and happy moments.



Coco movie is actually the 3D computer animated music fantasy film that was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. At first, I thought this movie is for kids because whole characters are in cartoon. And the reality is this movie gives many strong messages, especially to us as a human to have the big picture about the life after death and also the meaning of the family. Therefore, the story is very good for both the kids and also for adults.

In terms of the animation, as a common people, I saw the animation look very lively, creative and also very cute because the prototype design and the effects implement the soft sketch that gives the natural results.

Why do I desire to watch this movie?

At first, some of my friends told me to watch this movie as it talks about the relationship between a father and a daughter. It won’t be a sad movie but it’s gonna be a moving film. I believe that most of American movies deliver the strong messages that can motivate me to go with the life. This would be one main reason to watch Coco movie.

What this movie tells us about?

Overall, this concept of the movie is based on the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead. They have the celebration every year to welcoming their family who were already passed away in the memorial park. They have a party with a food and drinks and also dancing. And the passed away families had to be registered in the system by remembering by their families, in order to be able to across the bridge on that day. However, some of them are being forgotten by their families and they can’t access to the world and they will face the final death. It will be the terrible thing for them if they have to disappear for from the dead line. This movie will give us the information about the Mexican culture and I like it!



It started with a boy, named Miguel. He desired to be a musician but his family refuse him to gain his dream. His whole families really hate the musician profession as their great great grandfather were the musician and he was gone with his world. Therefore, every efforts that Miguel has taken to become a musician, his family always be there to cut the way. He was depressed and he really hate his family. He really wanted to run away to achieve his dream. However, he has Dante, a dog that always accompany him everywhere he goes. Dante is really an annoying dogs but he is very funny because of his annoyance.

As Miguel’s life guidance, he really idolizes Ernesto de la Cruz, a popular film/singing star in his hometown. He really wants to be like him very much. At the end, he just found out that Ernesto is his great great grandfather, who was lost in his profession. When he decided to run away from his family, he plans to apply himself in a music competition in a park. However, her grandmother has destroyed his guitar and he has nothing to be brought during the competition. He is really sad but he is not running out of reason. He tried to steal the Ernesto’s guitar from the museum and commit to Ernesto that he will become a musician just like him.

And the story has change ………

The Ernesto’s guitar has taken Miguel to the dead land and he faces the weird things are happened in that place. He meet his passed away families and also his great great grandfather. He need to have their permissions to become a musician. By that, he will be able to fly back to the real world. I don’t want to be spoiler for this movie. And I don’t want to tell who is Coco and what is Coco’s relation to this movie.

The message from this movie that I want to share is the “after-life” land is better than the land that we step in at the moment. It is a beautiful land with numbers of magnificent buildings. Therefore, we don’t have to worry if we have the family that already passed away. They are in the better place. The next message would be the family will always be a family. Sometimes, they want us to do the things that we don’t want to do, and sometimes those are contradict with our dream. However, there will be many good reasons that the family and they won’t let us drowned in the road that should not be passed. Therefore, keep reach your dream and let your families be involved in it.

The overall story is very touching but not sad. And a lot of funny things happen in this movie. This movie gives me a lot of motivation in facing life and give me some big picture about the Mexican culture.

Anyone watch this movie? Tell me what’s your opinion

Thanks for reading

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