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The Eyeshadow & Eyeliner for Smoothen Your Eyebrow

Eyebrow is one of the crucial things that should be concerned by most women. The shape of your eyebrow can give many characters of you but it can also give the awkward look. How it can be done in the proper way?

I started to shape my eyebrow since high school and the trend was still in a thin shape with a sharp line. It was good in that year but I looked like a fierce woman. But I still like that shape though. As time goes by, I added some volume to my eyebrow to give the calm expression and I used to apply the brown colour instead of black. Black colour will give me the assertive look instead of the lady look. I used to use the black colour for my eyebrow when I have the event at night to emphasize my overall look.

Using the eyebrow pencil or gel is the usual thing that most women apply everyday. In this post, I’d like to share my experience in using the eyeliner for my eyebrow. It is the tricky thing to do because if I apply the eyeliner too thick, I will look strange with a fake eyebrow. The only thing that I can do is combining the usage of the eyeliner and a pencil or an eyeshadow. I really like the result as it is seen natural and brighter my eye area.


1st application

I use velvet matt SMOKEY eyeliner by Catrice with copper colour. It is a unique color as it is purposed for the smokey eye look. I apply this eyeliner as a base line for my eyebrow. Don’t worry if the shape is too harsh, you still can smoothen the shape later on. This eyeliner is only purposed to define the eyebrow. This smokey eyeliner texture is very soft and it will be harder to be applied as an eyebrow. If I push the stick to hard, the color will be spread out of the eyebrow line. Therefore, I apply it with soft touch following the line. This eyeliner has two sides, which are the eyeliner pencil and a small brush on the other side. This small brush can be helped to shape the line after the application. It won’t smooth the line as well as the color, but it is able to flatten the colour.

2nd application

Brush the eyebrow with eyebrow brush. This will smoothen the eyebrow shape and strengthen its shape as well. This will be a must thing to do after applying the eyeliner for the eyebrow.

3rd application

To finish my eyebrow look, I used to apply the eyeshadow with a sharp brush. I use the eyeshadow from Catrice and choose the dark chocolate color. I really love this color because it will calm my look and my eyebrow will look thicker but natural. Sometimes, if I am lazy to do the whole steps, I only apply this colour of eyeshadow for my eyebrow. The chocolate colour will be the best colour for eyebrow if you want to get the natural look with a thick eyebrow form.


By using the eyeliner and a pack of eyeshadow, I can multi-use of my makeup. It will reduce the numbers of cosmetic that I bring everyday. I can use the eyeliner as an eyeliner as well as for my eyebrow. The same for the eyeshadow. If there is the white or a light shade, it can also help you to strengthen the eyebrow shape by applying under the eyebrow.

Do you have another tips to have a natural shape of eyebrow?

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is wonderful and you have some really good tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing.

    Amazing post btw 💕

    If you’re interested I have a guide on how to make a perfect winged liner on my blog. I think you’ll like it 💕


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