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Colourfulness of the Eyeliner

How do minimize the fade of the eyeliner under the eye, which will create a dull look?

Another makeup tools that can change your look in a second would be the eyeliner. This magic tool can make your eyes look bigger or even smaller. It also can make the eye get a better shape. In current days, I saw in the TV that there is a new trend of applying the eyeliner to get the the creative and unique look instead of pretty. They made the illustration of the eye at above the real eye by using the eyeliner. It is so creative!

As I have the small eye with the descending shape, I really need the eyeliner to make my eyes look sharp and it can also heighten form of the eye. My eyes will also look firm but still natural. Besides that reason, the eyeliner can also be able to give the proper look with less makeup application. Therefore, it will give me the less effort to get the proper performance for daily look.


Actually, it is not easy to find the good eyeliner that can be blended into the makeup properly. I tried some eyeliner and some of them can easily be faded or having invisible color result, which create the ‘not confident ‘ feeling after the application. In terms of the eyeliner’s type, there are various types of them that are being offered by knowable makeup brand, starting from the pencil form, stick until the gel form. Their promises are varies too, which are the waterproof result, natural look, easy to be applied, best colour result, and other promises that most women desired to have. The promise is always the promise. The result is not always be the same with whatever the brands claim at. I have tried many brands of eyeliners as well as the types. After 3 to 4 hours application, I find that my eyeliner has wear off and it leaves the black marks or dark colours under the eye. It is very inconvenient for me because my eyes will look very tired or having a lack of sleep. I tried hard to avoid that eyeliner’s effect because I still need the eyeliner for my daily look. But it is not as simple as that.


After looking for the tricks to evade the fade effect under my eyes, I find some tips to maintain the eyeliner’s colour in my eyes for more than 6 hours without being faded. How can I do that?

  • 1st — As I mentioned above, I have small with descending shape of eyes. I used to apply a very thin layer of the eyeliner on a waterline of the eye. By applying it in the waterline, the eye will look firm and the eye will be heighten. However, you have to be careful of applying it because if you accidentally put to much colour and become a thick line, your eyes will look more descend.
  • 2nd — Choose the lighter shade of eyeshadow than your eyeliner color as the eyeliner based. If you have the small eye’s size like me, you better choose the lighter shade on one level down from the eyeliner color to avoid the smaller eye’s size look if you wear the shade too light. I used to apply the eyeshadow on my eyelid by using the eyeshadow brush, which can also make the base line for the eyeliner. Therefore, I will be easier in applying the eyeliner shape and the color won’t be faded during the application. The eyeliner color also won’t be wear off after hours of usage because it is well-blended with the eyeshadow as a based.

My Favorite Eyeliner Pencil 

After trying many brands of eyeliner, finally I find the eyeliner that I comfortable in applying it in my eye. It is Eyeliner Pencil from MAKEOVER. I never used this product previously, because I thought that most of eyeliner would be the same effect, which will be wore off.

What was happened when I apply this eyeliner?

  • The eyeliner texture is very soft, which make it easy to apply eventhough on the waterline as the hardest place to achieve.
  • I used to apply this eyeliner in the thin layer and blend it by using the small brush to make the result more natural.
  • This eyeliner is still fade too but it will occur after more than 12 hours of usage and the remarkable marks won’t be too much.

Overall, I really need this eyeliner because of the texture, the flexibility of the application, the endurance colour and also this product is easily to be bought in the department store in Indonesia and also in some of the pharmacies.

Please share your tips to maintain the color of the eyeliner!

Thanks for reading.


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