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Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!

Having a moisturized body skin is really important, which is not only for women but also for men. It is not about the beauty, but it is for the healthy skin purpose. The skin will be protected from drought and will have the chewy skin instead.

As we know that our skin always face variety of conditions everyday. For instance, most of us stay in the room with air conditioner surround and also some of them mostly stay in outdoor. Both need the moisturizer that can protect the skin from the sun and also for prevent the dryness.

I am very addicted to body lotion that has the creamy texture and also the lotion, which are able to absorbed easily into my skin. I tried many body lotion’s brands and some of them give the irritation to my skin but there is my favorite brand that always suitable with my skin. I used to use Vaseline body lotion – Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant with pure cocoa butter that I used to apply after shower. I feel that the lotion will be well -absorbed in the moist skin, which will gives the fresh feeling and the skin will be moisturized perfectly. I talked about this body lotion that can be seen through this LINK. I never get bored to talk about this body lotion as I really satisfy with the result. I used this lotion for years. Eventhough, I switched to another brand because of the scent or the popularity, I always get back to this Vaseline lotion at the end. The texture is very soft as well as creamy with the strong scent of mocca and chocolate. One of the factors that I really love this lotion would be it can maintain the moisturizer into my skin more than 12 hours from the first application, which is in the morning. Based on my experience, the ingredients is really suitable to a very sensitive skin.

I know that I am very loyal with the Vaseline brand, currently I tried the other types of Vaseline lotion that comes out with a yellow bottle. It is called Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore. It is claimed in the bottle that this lotion is clinically proven to restore dry skin. I have most of my time staying in the room with air conditioner for more than 12 hours, which are at home or at my office. Therefore, I really need the body lotion that can protect my skin and prevent it from dryness. The texture of this lotion is more watery than the previous lotion. With the white color of texture, it is very easy to be absorbed into the skin and it gives the very fresh feeling. The scent is also very calm and it is good for the daily use. This lotion also works well for my skin as it contains micro–droplets of Vaseline Jelly. I used to put this lotion at the office to be applied during the day, mostly at 12pm, 3pm, and 5pm. So, I am absolutely sure that my skin will be well- moisturized and safe from the air conditioner effects.


We are having a holiday soon! This is the expected break time for most people. Many of us already plan to go to the beach, overseas, do hiking, or enjoying the city life. Whatever you plan to do, don’t forget to keep treat your skin well. Sometimes, we forget to do the skin treatment during traveling, such as just apply the body lotion once a day instead of twice or more. My suggestion is keep maintaining your facial skin as well as your body skin on whatever you do because your body need your care for its healthy.

I know that it will be complicated to bring the big bottle of lotion to put in the luggage. It’d be better if you put the lotion in the small container and just drop in your hand bag. It will be useful to be applied during flight as your skin will get dry easily if you have a long flight.

Welcoming a Holiday, Welcoming a Healthy Skin!

Thanks for reading!


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