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Keep Forgetting Your Body Skin during Traveling?

Getting the ‘less maintained’ body will be happened during traveling. Our body will get dry and itchy easily because we unconscious with the diverse weather. So, we don’t want to be happy but having the dry skin after the holiday, agree?

This holiday season are still happening for most of us. We are still having some excitements in enjoying our holiday, such as families and friends reunion, do traveling, enjoying the ‘me time’ and other enjoyable activities. However, there are some people already get back to their working activities and some other have to get ready to get back to work in few days ahead. Overall, we are really enjoying our holiday and get ready to start a new chapter in 2018.


In this post, I’d like to talk about how to treat our skin during holiday, especially if we do some traveling to the cities with weather differences. Sometimes, we do bring all the skin treatment products that we used to apply on the daily base during traveling but we rarely apply them because we lulled with the traveling excitement or we just too tired to do all stages of skin treatment. All we need to do is just rest and sleep after a long walk. Actually, treating the skin would be one of the things that should not be forgotten eventhough we are having a very tired body. We just don’t want our skin look dull and dry after having a wonderful holiday. In my opinion, the body skin will be affected more than the facial skin. Because, we used to apply at least the moisturizer all over our face before applying the face powder. It means that our skin already protected for the whole day. On the other hand, our body skin will face more constraints, such as the humidity, pollution, weather condition, excessive sweating, and other factors that can affect the skin condition. If we do not treat the skin more, the worst thing that would be happened is having molds in the skin. Absolutely, we don’t want that thing would happened to our skin.

What are the wonderful products that will protect our skin from getting the unexpected impact because of weather factor?

  • Adidas Body Spray 6 in 1


I always bring this every time I travel. This ’48 hours Antiperspirant’ give the freshness to my body and I feel that the formula that contains in this deodorant control the amount of sweat coming out from the pores perfectly. It means that I won’t feel sticky because of the sweat. Beside the general body spray, this deodorant has different kind of freshness feeling. It won’t give the fruit or flower scent as well as the freshness after bathing. It gives the deodorant kind of freshness and it will stay for longer time period. We don’t have to re-spray after doing the activities.

The other thing that I like this deodorant would the packaging. The press button is jutted inside under the main lid, that means eventhough we don’t put the lid on, we don’t have to worry that the spray will be pressed accidentally if we put in the bag.

It will be hard if we only bring the cabin luggage as this spray bottle contains 150 ml spray, which excess the amount of liquid that we allow to bring during flight. This spray also cannot be moved to the smaller container. My suggestion will be buying in the Guardian or any supermarket in the destination city. In my last traveling, I bought it in Guardian for S$ 5.00 to S$ 7.00 per bottle that depends on the available store promotion at that moment.

  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant


I absolutely won’t leave this roll-on. It will give the freshness for my armpit and it also doesn’t leave spots on my clothes after the application.  As it contains in the previous deodorant, this roll on also claimed to protect the armpit skin for 48 hours with gentle care. It also doesn’t give me the sticky feeling and the smell of powder will come out during the application. This product can be found easily in the grocery stores. So, you don’t have to worry in finding this product in any cities.

So, Care Your Skin as You Enjoy Your Holiday Time.

Happy New Year and Have a Nice Holiday to you all!


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