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The effect of Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier to My Skin

There are so many beauty brands offer the micellar cleansing water to remove all makeup and dirt from our face. Does all micellar water works perfectly according to our expectation? Or does it make our face get worst because of the ingredients?

The answer would be depends on our skin types. There are not all skin types able to absorb all types of micellar water, eventhough the product claims that it is suitable for all skin types. It will be another challenge that we should face in choosing the cleansing product that suitable for our skin. I used to purchase the small size on the first purchase as a tester to ensure that product works well on my skin and get the expected results as this product claims at.

I tried many brands of micellar water to remove my daily makeup and I wish that I am able to save money if I only use one product. Currently, I tried Micellar Cleansing Water Pure Active from Garnier with blue lid. At first, I choose this product because of the economist price and it is easy to find in any grocery stores. The size is also small enough (125 ml) that will easy for me if I want to bring it while traveling.

What does this product claim?

It is purposed to remove makeup, clean the facial skin without glowing effect. It can also be used without cleansing with water. It can be applied on our face, eyes and lips. It doesn’t contain perfume and suitable to oily skin and prone to breakouts.

Is the packaging safe enough to put in the bag?

The packaging is made from the plastic material with blue lid. It is just a general form of packaging. The fragile thing will be the lid, as it is very vulnerable to open easily. Then, it is very potential to be spilled in the bag.

How to use?

The application is very common by spill the cleansing water to the facial cotton and wipe it to all over my face. I used to apply it twice to ensure that my facial skin is perfectly clean from the dirt.

After Use Effect

After using this Micellar Cleansing Water for about a week, my skin got breakout and a lot of acnes appeared as a group. Actually, my face feel fresh after cleansing and also feel clean. I stop use it for about 2 weeks and my face gets better. I tried to use it back and it tend call the acnes to appear again. Actually, the effect might be different based on the skin types and my skin is very sensitive.

Next purchase?

In order to avoid the breakout to my skin, I prefer to use another cleansing water.

Do you have any experience in using this product? Please share.

Thanks for reading.


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