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Does Acnes Sealing Jell Work Well for Your Acne?

Which woman does not panic if acne springs, especially if we plan to have a date or we have the important appointment that require us to dress up. Panic will be the first thing happens then it will be ended with covering acne with lots of concealers. We just don’t realise that the fake coverage will make acne look more obvious. So, how to solve this problem?

There are some period that woman have higher hormone that can’t be controlled. For instance, during menstruation. Usually, we have the unstable emotion during that time and also the skin will get acne easily eventhough we already do proper skincare treatment routine. The bad thing that we can’t avoid the symptoms because it is happened naturally. The only thing that we can do is minimizing the number of acne or get the acne dry faster. I used to avoid putting too much concealers or any kind of cosmetics to cover my acne, because the irritated skin won’t absorb any makeup in the skin perfectly. On the first application, it seems fine but after one hour when you look into the mirror, the concealers will be separated from the whole makeup and it looks like the island on the face. The acne will look real. Therefore, in order to camouflage the acne, I used to apply acnes treatment gel for drying out the acne. If the acne or acne scars still look too obvious, I used to apply a very light foundation with beauty blender in a very thin layer. It won’t close the pores 100%, but your facial skin will have a very natural coverage.

There is the acne treatment gel that I want to share my experience of using it with you. The product name is Acnes Sealing Jell, which is one of the acnes treatment series that is offered by Acnes.

What does this product claim?

  • It helps to fight bacteria and acne care
  • It helps to treat acne prone skin.
  • It maintains skin softness.
  • It has a transparant colour and the gel itself is easily to be absorbed into the skin.

What are the benefits to treat acne prone skin?

  • Isopropyl Methyl Phenol helps to fight bacteria that can cause of acne.
  • Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate ingredient is able to soothing redness on the acne prone skin.
  • Sulfur and Salicylic Acid helps to lift dead skin cells and maintain the skin texture.
  • Vitamin E & B6 can be used as the antioxidants as well as to maintain the softness and skin health.

How to Use?

The application of Acnes Sealing Jell is very easy. I just put the gel in a sufficient amount to the acne area. I suggest that do not put too much gel in the area that contains acne as it will be wasteful because there will be some amount wasted and not being absorbed into the skin.

After use effect

In the first minutes of the application, I feel cold effect in the acne area with only a little feeling stickiness. But, it won’t bother me as I used to apply it at night before sleep. So, the lightness of the gel won’t impact my overall makeup that could be happened if I apply it at night. In terms of the result, I am very satisfy with it. My acne dry in about 2 to 3 days of usage. However, the acne scars will be left behind and I have to do the skincare routine to hide the scars.

Where to buy?

Acnes Sealing Jell is very easy to be find. I bought it in the pharmacy. Additionally, you may purchase this product from the online shops.

Do you have your favourite brand to treat your acne and get the healthy skin?

Thanks for reading.


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