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Singapore Serial: I found the Tintin Shop in Singapore!

Who doesn’t know about Tintin? For some people that grow up in the 80s era know about this character as the fictional hero. There were many book stores that sold Tintin comics in conjunction with other popular comics in that era, such as Nina, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Avengers, Swamp Thing, Ninja Turtles, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Superman, and other known comics for kids. Because of a lot of trending comics are published in the current era, some of those old comics became the rare items. It will be hard to get the original version of those comics and we will find the new version instead, which won’t be the same as the original version in terms of the paper quality, illustration of the characters, size and sometimes the story is also different. Therefore, the original version is better than the new version.

One of the comics that I used to read while I was a child is Tintin Comics. Hopefully, you already heard about it. Tintin character is a reporter and adventurer, who travels around the world with his dog Snowy. There were many comic titles, which based on the destinations that he arrived at. The story was interesting and funny. The illustration also very attractive. However, I find hard in finding Tintin comics these days as there are too many newest comics are being sold in the book stores. A happy one would be finding the shop that sell anything about Tintin. I wished that that day is happened to me.

That day has happened to me ……..

When I traveled to Singapore last December, I find the Tintin Shop in Chinatown area. It sells a lot of Tintin products with the character illustration in the form of comics, clothing, agenda, notes, Tintin figures, keychain, plastic folder and other cute things about Tintin. I was so excited while finding this store! If you interested to visit the store, you get off in the Chinatown station towards Pagoda Street way to Cross Street. It is jaust the middle way before Sri Mariamman Temple. There are many souvenirs shops along the way of Pagoda street, which make the Tintin Shop won’t easy to see. It is located on the left side of the street with a little entrance. The most obvious point in finding the shop would be a television at the front with lots of benches. In the entrance door, there are the statues of Tintin and Captain, which are very cute and I really want to take some pictures! But, that’s too bad, we couldn’t capture the photos inside the shop, even though there are many cute things said hi for the photo taken. Thankfully, I can take the picture from across the street to show you the front look of the Tintin Shop.

As I mentioned previously, we are welcomed by Tintin and Captain statues at the front door. Those are very cute! Then, there are two display racks that are located side by side. We can find the stationary of Tintin and his colleagues that include diaries, various types of notebooks, displays on the right side. And the left rack contains comics for general readers and young adults. We still can find the old version of Tintin comic with the original size but those are already renewed. However, they won’t change the content. They also have the real old version but the price absolutely more expensive than the renewed version. The other form of Tintin comics that they sell is 3 in 1 package, which means that we can have 3 comics within one volume. This will be much cheaper than the single version.

At the centre table, there will be some shirts with the print of Tintin characters. Those are also very cute. A lot of visitors were attracted to huddled the table while searching for shirts with the cutest illustration. It would be so crowded and I couldn’t walk through freely as the hall is narrow. If you are looking for other stationaries, you may find them inside the stores, which are allocated near the cashier, such are the plastic folders, key ring, and other attractive Tintin products.

At first, I didn’t plan to do shopping in the Tintin Shop. I was only curious with this shop and I wanted to look what kind of Tintin brands that they sell. However, when I entered this shop, my mind has change. I wanted to shop all products they put on display racks. All of them are very cute! Finally, I bought some products from this shop. What are they?

3 in 1 Tintin Comics (Volume 7)

Price: S$ 32 per item

2018 Desk Diary

Price: S$ 30 per item

Spiral Notebook A6

Price: S$ 6.50 per item

Key Ring Tintin

Price: S$ 12 per item

Everytime I go traveling, I always buy notebooks. I don’t know why, I just love it! That’s why I was so excited when I found lots of notebooks and diaries in the Tintin Shop. Overal, I like the product ranges that they sell but it might be better if they enlarge the shop and also give a clearer sign. Therefore, the visitors will found the shop easily.

Have you ever to go to Tintin shop in other country?

Thanks for reading!

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